July 5, 2009


Dear all,
I am back with my narration cum poem!!.Lets see what the response will be this time round!!..

LOCATION: Somewhere, but on the phone..

(After a lot of general talk)
SP-I am telling you C, meeting up isn’t possible for me these days.Try to understand that fact.. C- How come?.Are you so busy on the weekends also that you cant spare couple of hours for me?
SP-I wish I could.But you know that those 2 days are also looking less for me! By the time, I step out of the studio on Friday evening, my schedules for the weekend would have been made by others..
C-Others?.Now who are they to decide what you do in your free time and when you are not shooting?
SP- You dont understand as they are also equally important to me. And I just cant say NO to them as they need me, may be more than you.
C-Does that mean that I am not a part of you and your life?
SP-Its not like that C. You are so compromising and understanding. If am not with them, I may never get a good role nor can I get to meet some good producers, directors etc. You too need to mark for yourself and when I am not around,you can go to all the auditions in town!
C-SP, I do that all week. Infact been to almost all the studios by now! Moreover, no studio calls for auditions on weekends. That’s why I insist that we meet and spend quality time together.
SP-Listen C, I agree to what you say. But now, I cant talk much. I have to meet someone in 15 minutes and I am yet to get ready. I will call you in the night. Take care and bye (and cuts the call)

(Post midnight around 1.30 AM, C gets a message from SP- “dude,me leavng d city by d 1st flight tom morn 4 outdoor.dont miss me and 4gt me 4 now.plz tk cr n bye nw”. C calls on SP’s cell, comes busy for the next one hour till he sleeps off..The next morning, he wakes up and tries again only to hear that its SWITCHED OFF)

(Over to the poem now that was written much later…)


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