July 1, 2009

The Happy Ending!

"Where's the present?"
"Sorry, I forgot."
"I won't forget next year, dear."

Akshara ran up to her room, upset. Suddenly the door bell rang. "Vijay, are you getting that?" she asked, annoyed.
"I'm in the bath, sweetheart!"
Akshara grumpily went to the door. When she opened
it, everyone screamed!
"Happy birthday, Akshara."
Then a load of presents arrived at her feet, including a beautiful sliver ring.
"Will you marry me?" Vijay asked. Akshara felt tears well up in her eyes. "So you didn't forget!" She laughed. "Sure, I'll marry you!"
And Akshara and Vijay went on to get married in a beautiful hall with all their family and friends surrounding them. 4 years later, they had twins: Akshara Junior and Vijay Junior.
They all lived happily ever after.

I love these kind of happy endings! =D
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  1. happy to read something happy n cute... Lovely...

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