July 20, 2009

Chennai, Me, Mocha, Him and the dream is about to end...

It all began on 10th July...

I was very sure that I will be meeting this guy whom I so fondly call 'Grasshopper'... i was dead sure of that. Grasshopper promised his penguin on 9th of July, that he will be coming to the railway station to receive her... at least to welcome her! Somehow, Grashopper does not know that Penguin really knows him in and out... she knew it he would not be able to make it.

The train finally halted at the Chennai Central Station at 8.10 in the morning. Penguin was wide awake since 6.30... she had so many things to think about rather than sleeping that morning. As soon as she reached Chennai, she took her side-bag and ran towards the gate of her coach. Her eyes searched for someone she addressed as Grasshopper. Wasn't she so stupid? She knew he won't be able to make it and still her eyes went searching for him?

1oth July, she planned to meet him for the first time. They met... and you all know what all happened. ;)

That was Grasshopper's side of the story, but you all should be knowing Penguin's version of it... ain't it? Trust me guys, Penguin has never seen such a person ever in her life! Completely impulsive, very easy going, extra comfortable, he just does what his heart tells him to.

Many people would find him to be that kiddo, but no... I have seen that matured (going-to-be) 22 year-old in him sometimes... And when I see that maturity in him, it feels like as if I should just keep on listening to him!

Its so surprising to see or even imagine that someone whom you hardly know can teach you so many things in just a week's time... isn't it?

Penguin met Grasshopper three more times... those three times that has surely changed her perception about many things around her. Yes, she is much more happier now, she has learnt how to take those risks in life and how to enjoy each moment... just the moment no matter what the truth around you is.
As I always say, its sometimes necessary to let go of yourself, flow with the emotions... but that is when reality bites you hard! I am going back to my land... away for the place that has now become so special to me.

Hey Grasshopper,

This is just to let you know... I am going back to my place... But I would cherish each moment spent with you here. You are so very special to me...trust me, you will always be!!

Thank you for this friendship... this was the best friendship I have got till date!
I love his smile...the way he catches my hand when he sees any guy coming close to me....
Yes, i admit it....i love him for all these things and for many more than that!

I might not be here for your birthday, but trust me....i would be craving to be with you all day.
May this birthday be the best one...May god bless you with all the happiness and success.

Love you loads! Mwah...

I am surely going to miss you! ;)

You know that...don't you... :)

Take care of yourself and don't miss me too much! I'll always be around...

P.S| Don't you dare forget this Penguin


  1. awww so cute artzz......hmm i dnt think that this grasshopper wud forget the penguin ....

    anyway ,,..it must be feeling gr8 meeting a person like grasshopper....happy

    its all smiles...

  2. tht sweet artz....

    i know his extra protectiveness for u :P lol

    u guys rock together..may the friendship between you blossoms throughout the life :)

  3. I so hate good byes .....this made me relive some of my moments too :)

    Ur a sweetheart Artz and i wish the friendship between you both stay the say forever....because it rocks :D

  4. dis ephemeral relation or so if i may call it has sure created a bond between u two dats gonna last long! m happy for da two of u!

    dis story was sweet, straight outta a fairy tale! thought dis is wer u part ways, I wish it to be only temporary nd i pray dat dis story goes on!

    wish u guys luck! :)

  5. forget you ?? no one can do that gal !! :)

    ps: PS wishes that you make a stop at blore before ... both of you please :)

  6. yu left me speechless babes
    i know yu have to leave soon...just didnt know it was so soon...

    the magic is gonna gt lost wen yu leave.....penguin-grasshopper wil always be alive

    n i think this wil be my worst bday...i hv this feeling

  7. hmmmm... I wish ur friendship rocks forever...

    I'll miss the 'mocha times' writes...

  8. soo sweet Aarthi :) me gonna miss these writes :(

  9. ..dis was so sweet so finally v r having end of mocha series...sad..I know itz tough time..!!!..may u both treasure dis b'ful time forever..:)

  10. @ bard and vidisha
    no ppl...this is nt gng to end so soon

  11. The Saga continues... albeit much more special;)

    keep rockin...keep the magice alive ...

  12. @ All,
    Thanks a ton! You guys must be knowing how much I am going to miss it all...isn't it? :)

    But this is not the last time that I am coming to Chennai... there is gonna be more coming your way guys... ;)
    Penguin - Grasshopper can never end!! We don't need to meet each other to write... just a thought is enough!! ;)


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