July 14, 2009

Book Review| Stone of Tears

(Book II of The Sword of Truth)

Author- Terry Goodkind

Best-sellers- 1. Wizard's First Rule 2. Temple of the Winds 3. Pillars of Creation

Synopsis- In denying his heritage, Richard Cypher, grandson of the last true wizard, ignores the Wizard's Second Rule. It may be his undoing and the Lands'. One person - Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor- holds the power to make Richard accept what he hates. To save her people, her world, and Richard, from the Keeper of the Underworld she must sacrifice everything she holds dear and begin a war she knows can only end in death.

Excerpt- Leather clad men fell to their knees, dropping their swords, pressing prayerful hands together. They held those hands up to her. They wailed for protection. They called for her mercy. They cried for forgiveness. Had they been sober, she wondered, would the illusion be son convincing? As it was, the effect was apocalyptic.

'We grant no quarter!'

FL speak- Stone of Tears continues the adventure of Richard Cypher, the true Seeker in 1000 years to hold the Sword of Truth. Book one revolved around the adventures of woodsman Richard learning that he is the first true Seeker....from battling D'haran soldiers to falling in love with Kahlan to fulfilling the prophecies by defeating Darken Rahl, who happened to be his bastard father.

in Tears of Stone, Richard is forced to separate from first wizard Zedd and Kahlan, as the gift in him threatens to kill him...meanwhile Zedd is attacked by creatures of the underworld as the Keeper readies himself to come out of the veil. Kahlan Amnell, Mother Confessor, ruler of the Midlands is forced to start a war that would be the fall of the Wizard's race and commence the Dark Ages. With time against him, the Seeker must put the Keeper in its place, tackle the spirits of Darken Rahl, learn to control the gift and save Kahlan....before it is too late.

A helluva story if you are a fantasy fan. If you love Potter and Lord of the Rings...this is one series you should definitely not miss. If you haven't read the first book of the series, then there is one alternative....download 'the Legend of the Seeker', Season 1, to know about it.

Price- 230 grom Gollancz paperback :P

P.S| Hope you like it too...til then its FL signing off.


  1. Great review FL... but I won't be reading this... only cause it sounds a bit 'boyish'! *I don't know if it is boyish though*

  2. nay its not boyish....if you love fantasy....its an awesome series

  3. Oh... more books.. am already having a pile of fatso books to be studied...

    but this seems like my kinda story... will try to read it after reading the first one...

  4. thats what I call a proper and well written review!!

  5. @ bard
    have to pass my time somehow :D

  6. downloaded the first part .. will c ds later :)


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