June 29, 2009

Time To Get Back To Business...

Hello to all the talented group of people who form this brilliant blog called The Writer's Lounge. 

As the admin of this elite group, and a member since late November last year, it pains me a lot to see the lounge going from one of the best there was, to becoming as inactive as a group blog could possibly get. Last week alone, I could see two days when there were no posts for more than 24 hours. I've seen days when there were 40 posts. So it is indeed sad to see this sort of decline.There have been changes in the look and the rules since then, I agree, but change is always a part of any successfuly running family. Yes, I believe thats what this blog is, a family. No matter what anyone says. So even with these changes, I think one can continue the old style and posting. Steps will be taken to get the old WL back and it will be done slowly but surely. The old look perhaps, with some changes in rules, but the re-posting rule will stick. 

As members of this family, I guess the best way to contribute to the return of the old Lounge would be to write more, as much as you can, but try and limit yourself to one post out of four successive posts, so as to give even the other members a chance to showcase their talent. More contests are on the cards as well, if we can find the right judges and time to do this. As the lounge heads towards its one year anniversary, the time is ripe for a phoenican rise from the ashes. Let's not write for getting more comments, for it is not always possible for many members to read and review each and every post. But a quick return is what is required.

We Read, We Write, We Lounge.
Let us join together again and rejuvinate this family.

Admin Team,
The Writer's Lounge.


  1. I couldnt agree more!

  2. i agree with my whole heart admin...i would luv to get it back...

  3. I've already gotten into action...
    Posted a 55er...
    Wake up lounge...

    Enough with the thought,
    The lounge is on naught
    Don't let it distraught
    Pls do ur onslaught.

    he he... :-)

  4. i can't tell about any other lounge member but yet i know iam not able to post frequently here because my exams and after that iam not at home...

    i also feel bad by not posting here
    but surely i will return here in 1-2 days

  5. we need a series that can spread like plague here... something that happened with irresistible for example...

  6. and a contest thats short and intresting in the format would surely be a great help!
    but it needs personal attention of atleast one of the owner to keep a regular check himself on the posts regularly... by also participating in the posting!!

  7. The sudden loss of member count of faithfuls like prats and kajal have affected it too! they were extremely talented but am as optimistic that very soon... louge will be back! its never been lacking in terms of potential and thats for sure!

    what we need is a stability and smooth roll of tires for the push!

  8. and a thanx to the admin...for posting this...


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