June 18, 2009


Confused by the environment
And thousand questions of my addled mind
I still look and search for answers;
Though knowing that it can't be answered
By mind or soul.

I still try to go
Beyond the untraveled barriers....
Why is the true minds?
Are always puzzled!

With worldly miseries and crosswords,
Why is it hard to answer,
Even if you try?

Fool I've been, should have been
Trimming my steps
Than rushing in.

World still remains a mystic place
With lots unanswered and left
To the imagination.


  1. Welcome to the lounge Sudatta!! :)

    A good poem to begin with! :)

    Yes, life is such, a maze...a mystery!! It can startle you at the most unexpected time... :)

  2. Thank you!!
    I feel light by thy comment Ma'am..Honoured!!Hihi!!

  3. welcome to our family,

    nice poem to start with.....its really feels great to see talents coming in this place day by day...nice debut post...

    the solitary writer


  4. ya nice poem, it sort of gives you the idea that the author is really puzzled. lucid and simple..cheers

  5. Welcome Sudatta! I am roshwrites, but I am known here as Rosh! Well written for your first post :D

  6. Welcome to the family Sudatta :) nice write !!

  7. Loved ur poem Sudatta... Excellent start.. the 3rd n 4th stanzas were my fav...

    n Welcome to the lounge... have a great time here...


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