June 13, 2009


BACKGROUND: This work of mine was written on someone whom I had a ‘crush’ on during the fag end of my graduation days. She used to stand at a bus stop that was opposite my college and that’s where I used to see her everyday before I entered into my college gate. Few of my hostel mates knew of this and the discussion we had resulted in me writing this poem! Hope the poem is as interesting as the narration which is a combination of Kannada, Hindi, and English!! Worry not as I have put the translation in [] brackets!!..


C2- Arre chinmay, what happened to you now?
C- Why that doubt re Chintu?
C2- Thought you are looking dull..besides I didn’t see that Valenciawaali today from the bus! Is that so?
(Enters Valley )
V- aabe Chintu, chal..sutta marne ke liye chalte ..Aur Chinmay,kya haal-chaal??[Come Chintu, lets go for a fag. Wazzup Chinmay?]
C2- arre iska problem kaise solve karu?..waise bhi 3 mahine mein course katam hota hein naa..[How do we solve his problem? The course ends in 3 months from now]
C- I am perfectly all right guys..Just was thinking what next after exams.
V- Arre Chinmay, tension yaake..baa iga..angdi kaade hoguva..[Why tension Chinmay? Lets go near the shop now]
(Near FAMILY STORES, our usual place near the hostel)
P-(Seeing all of us)..What are you guys doing here??..Valley,Chintu, kaise ho? Math yen ri Chinmay ri? [How are you Valley, Chintu?] [What else Chinmay??]
V-(for once in Kannada)-Avand gotalla..aa hudgi nodakke agilla avenge..adakke bejjar [You know his story..He didn’t get to see that girl and so he is sad]
C-Nothing of that sort guys.
C2-Come on dude, its already known by everyone near Valencia. Woh sachhayi maan ne ke liye taayar nahi hein Valley [He is not ready to accept the truth]
P- Howden ri Chinmay? [Is it so Chinmay?]..Guys, I know a great idea!
C-Come on guys..
P-Chinmay, you go back..I’ll tell them the plan.After all they are your room-mates and they may help you!!
(Whispers something in their ears.)

What ensued is this work Valley was kind enough to write it in his beautiful handwriting so that I could give it to her!! What happened next needn’t be discussed here ;)

I just do not get words to say
whenever I see you everyday.
I can think is that you are someone from heaven
who is out to make my life enliven.

I wish that both of us could sit one day
and hear just what both of us will have to say.
Also, this would bring us even more close
to which, none of us think to oppose.

Even though we might not have a talk
the moment, I see to Valencia, you walk.
My heart begins to skip a beat
as your beautiful face, to see, is a treat.

Well, you may think ill of me
Whenever I continue to see
as though it invites apprehension
if you saw in my direction.

I wish I could, all those trivial, let go
and let good feelings start to grow
so that, in future, we can enjoy together
with none around to cause any bother.

Yet, though I have time that is few
I wish I could get some sort of a clue
of how I am to drive your fear
of you coming, to me, near.

So think of what I say in the letter
so that something fast can be done better.
Even when I am not around in Mangalore
I’ll be studying and waiting for you in Bangalore!


  1. hmm....this colour is good...even green is...
    nways the post is kewl...the poem is definitely good
    kip it coming

  2. @Freelancer, thanks as it reminded me of d good old days :)

  3. ummm...aDD ME IN UR GTALK...btw the poem i wrote was a pantoum format...prats teaches us in WL

  4. @Freelancer,me not tat much an online freak dude..else wud've conferred with u :)


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