June 13, 2009

Bhoomi's Bday Blues

"Well?" Bhoomi exclaimed. Her face looked like this:

"What?" her husband Rudra (Anyone watch Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat? Bhoomi+Rudra are names from it) questioned. "What do you mean what?" Bhoomi said, her face looking like this:

"I mean WHAT. What else would I mean, silly woman." Rudra said. Bhoomi creased her forehead into a frown. "What day is it!?!??!" Bhoomi asked. "It's Saturday!" Rudra said. "Yes but WHAT'S THE DATE? IS IT A IMPORTANT DAY?"

Rudra stroked his chin. "It's 13th of June. Is it Christmas or something?" he asked.

"NO! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" screamed Bhoomi.

"Ok." Rudra said. "Aren't you going to give me a present or wish me happy birthday?" Bhoomi smiled.


Both pictures are taken from Google Images. If the picture is yours, kindly request it to be taken off. A saga is 100 words. This is slightly over if you don't include the writing in the brackets.


  1. Yeah poor Bhoomi! No presents or wishings for a happy birthday for her :(


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