June 13, 2009

Mighty heart!!

Don’t know when I listened to you last,
When I followed what you say,
But hey, you never fell apart,
You stayed the same, all the way…!
You were trampled upon by so many,
And broken by a few too,
But you’ve mended yourself amazingly,
You are always as good as new…!

You beat inside me even now,
Silently supporting me through,
All the trials and tribulations,
And all the sadness too!

Oh mighty heart, I am sorry,
For not knowing your worth before,
It’s impossible to lead life,
Without you, for sure...!
Cross-posted from my blog: http://countless-emotions-mona.blogspot.com


  1. wow i love this one ....something positive on heart i read in a long time....even i have written stuffs but it was abt it being broken beyond repair...but ur positive poem gave this nice feeling ...love it :) thanks:)

  2. good write...
    Kinda new...the theme... embracing your own heart... paying a tribute to it... i liked it...


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