June 20, 2009


Dear all,
Yesterday, due to some incident, I had thought that I was being forced out of the LOUNGE by someone around. But by night, I had decided to make a come back of sorts!!..I was reflecting on what all some people commented and thought that I try to make a mark in this ocean through my efforts. I may be a lousy writer according to the standards here, but please help me improve myself if you read my work/s anytime.

Something for all of you for now…Will be back soon to bore you soon!!

For a poet, feedback for their works, is what they need

and tough it is to find such people who are willing to read.

But like you all , iam lucky to have,. come across

who, my works, regularly read without feeling cross.

Though we are at places, from each other, far away

regularly through writes and reviews, we have our say.

Knowing you all in so less time, for me, has been a pleasure

as it is something that i wont be able to measure.

All that i can, as always, is to express my thanks

for you to take trouble and give my works a glance.

May you be blessed with a quill that will always write

and be in touch with me,even if we aren’t in sight.


  1. Dear bro,

    Change the font color to bright?? cannot see what you have typed down!

  2. anyways happy to have you back bro...
    nice poetry...

    "I may be a lousy writer according to the standards here"

    dude... ur writes have their own brand of style...


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