June 20, 2009

55 Fiction and Acrostic- linked together

Hey everyone! Soon there is going to be a guest post series on my blog roshwrites! 5 members of the lounge are writing them as a celebration for me reaching my 50th post! If you are wondering who they are, it's Aarthi, Miss Sunshine, Prats, Tan and Princess Sonshu! There is also going to be an awards ceremony for my 50th post :D I hope to see many of you there, reading and commenting! See Sonshu's guest post here

The sky was blue and the trees were swaying in the wind. She walked up the path to her front door and knocked on it. When there was no reply, she pressed the bell. "SURPRISE!"

Her whole family was standing there, with big grins on their faces.

"My God!" the girl exclaimed. She was happy.

Hurtful thoughts disappear through the window

A new smile is born

Presents pressed in to her arms,

Proud when everybody says

You rock!

Hopefully you noticed that the 55 fiction and the acrostic were linked together!


  1. Hahah cuty girl.. God bless you dear.. and Happy 50 to your blog in advance.. happy blogging!

  2. Yes Rosh, we did notice it! :)

    Good attempt!

  3. nice write... combining the two...
    n congrats on the 50th post... keep goin..


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