May 15, 2009

Who is that?

It was late at night. I was as usual awake. I wasn't restless today. I would be soon. But till then, I shall be ok! I went upto the Lounge. Maybe there will be some who are unsuspecting, today. I haven't been there in a long time. There is a weird feeling there. One I haven't felt often. The last I experienced it was when I was having dinner at that family's house. It was a nice dinner.

Suddenly, my eyes see a story. Somehow, I'm drawn to it. I wonder why. I read on. Each word describes me. I wonder how this place understood me. My life. My Modus Operandi. I looked on. Read and re-read. I wondered who this person was. One of my kind? Not possible! There isnt a person like me for miles here. I know it. I have lived here for centuries. I would have known. I would have recognised the familiar, faint smell of my fellows. Here, I can smell only human blood. The one I cant resist. I can smell love here. That which I cant stand.

I felt drawn to this person. The person who could read my mind. Who had described an event in my life which happens almost everytime I'm thirsty. Who is that person? I have to find out. They are next on my radar.

I find her. I'm perched on her window. Watch her sleeping.

(Ps: Am I unclear in this post? I'm sorry for my inactivity especially while commenting. Blogger is blocked at the hospital. But I do read thanks to google reader. But, I'm so beat when I get home. The computer is last thing I want. So I'm really sorry! I do read you.)


  1. now you gave me goosebumps!!

  2. I'm going to rest pakka, Cho!

    I read this while he was typing this, right over his shoulder. Just like he is reading this over mine :P

    And lemme say to all, he is actually watching me sleep and not letting me get up!

    But must I say how wonderful this post is. I love the vampire series... Reminds me of the sleepless scribbles we had some days back :D


  3. Kajal,

    I love giving people goosebumps :P

    I'm writing after a long time.. I'm glad you liked it.


  4. NOW, who is this Cho?
    I am more interested now, to know!

    Cho, this was nice ... reminds of the Sleepless Scribbles. Do scroll down and read the ones we had some time ago... I'm sure you will be able to relate to this post of yours...,

    And again, Who is this Cho? I want to know :P :P :P

  5. And yes, the older posts never talked about ghosts!!!!!!
    After 2nd read:
    about the last line - you just WATCHED her sleeping?? Damn you... :D

  6. i liked it... it has a spooky feel yet comforting in a way :)


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