May 28, 2009

My Seminar

God has bestowed me, with a voice so nice,
That the teacher gives me, enough seminars to suffice,
Vinay do this, and Vinay do that,
Give a seminar at the drop of a hat.

Today, I had to give seminars two,
One in C++, the other in CIP too,
I hit the midnight oil yesterday, preparing for it,
So serious was I, I fell asleep with the light still lit.

With God’s grace, I was late for class,
I entered to see a new teacher, alas!
Hoping she didn’t know of my task, I sat down,
But she did know, as she told with a frown

She told me, Vinay start your seminar fast,
I took up my notes, and stood up at long last,
The class was asleep, I could tell with ease,
They told do awesome, wake us please,

My friends, applauded, as I started to speak,
The teacher looked shocked, my knees a bit weak,
10 minutes in, she still looked pale,
I stopped to ask for doubts, lest she made me fail.

The class, looked at me, and burst out loud,
Gales of laughter, were on me bestowed,
Now I was shocked, as I waited for them to stop,
Anxious to know, why my seminar was a flop

When I came to know, I joined the fun with a smile,
The teacher joined too, and we laughed for a while,
I’d jumbled them up, given the wrong one,
It was a bit embarrassing for me, yet all had a lot of fun.

Note: CIP is Constitution of India. :) Nothing whatsoever to do with programming.
PS: This an old poem... but i think it suits the day, so posted! :)


  1. he could u jumble THOSE two topics...?? :-)

  2. Hehe...

    Vinu.. voice...good...agreed! ;)

    Jumbled up C++ And CIP...?? Lemme know how ok? :P

  3. did u do this yaar???

    CIP in C++ wow.....u rock man...heheheh..!!!

  4. what were u dreaming of dude !!!!!


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