May 23, 2009


you have come through my way
as the angel of the milky way
with candle of light
to make my life bright

you are the beauty of the music
charm of the twinkling stars
you are my pretty Barbie doll
loved my one and all

true friendship is seen through the heart
and that is where you are
friend, you are the angel in disguise
so sweet and nice

you are the first ray of the silent dawn
simply to say, you are the princess of the day
if i had to pay anything for you
i will pay everything for you

hello Loungers...this is my first poem that i ever wrote...hope you all like it...!!!
I am away till 27th this month...Miss you all...!!
between, i have my posts scheduled in my Land Of Dreams....please check them out..!!!

Till then, Bye family...Miss you all..!!!


  1. oh my my! if this is your fist, i wonder what will you do when you become proficient! :)
    brilliant! so true to the core..

  2. will deff miss you yamm..come back soon :)

    we all love you...

  3. lovely post yamini :) will wait fr ur return !!


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