May 26, 2009

Love Laced Tuesday....

"You are once again late," Jane said to Jack.
"Late for what,"Jack said.
It was not the first time that Jack was behaving like this.Jack was a brand manager in a famous Telecom company.His name was associated with almost all successful company offerings.He was the mastermind behind the various creative work . On contrast,Jane was an amateur writer and a poetess.She loved writing poems and she wanted to be a fame icon one day.She wrote articles that impressed people.Their love story was a bit different.They both met in a bookshop in Bordeax.They befriended and finally they met their soulmates in them.
Few days later he proposed her in the same bookshop by offering her a novel written by Jeffrey Archer.He asked her to read the poem that he'd written for her.He never boasted ,he was a creative person and was modest.He never considered himself as a poet although he would write few beautiful lines.
She was impressed and accept him as a part of her life. Their life changed drastically.They enjoyed their life as much as they could.Soon they got married and lived happily for a while.Tensions and problems are integral part of life.They are not invited but they themselves get attached to our life depending on certain circumstances. Life is like a pool of water where our prime objective is to swim and survive. Life is all about the good and bad times.It is not always overshadowed by the sorrows and it not imbued with happiness forever.Jack and Jane were living life without any fear.They didn't had any fear of life or nothing would bother them in their life. Hectic work schedules and work pressure would keep Jack busy most of the time.His company was going through the dark phase of economic recession.He was on the verge of getting a pink slip as most of his peers were fired out of the company for no reason.He could not balance the happiness and sorrows in his life.The see saw of his life just coudn't balance the factors.He hardly spoke to his wife.He behaved like a stranger to his wife.Today was their 2nd marriage anniversary.
"Umm!!you forgot !, "Jane winked.
"Ahh!," he said and soon handed over the flower bouqet to his wife.
"I thought of giving you a surprise ,"he said.
He handed over the letter to Jane.He was hired by a famous organisation for his creative brain.
"Yippie! we are flying to US,"he said.
Jane was the happiest woman on earth.Jack's face displayed a gamut of emotions.He could not control his happiness.It took ages for Jane to witness this smile and she was glad.

He held her firmly and kissed her.
"God!! this reminds me of our first date ,umm!!," she said .
"Ahh,lets go there,"he said.
"We are going out," he added.
"Are we?,"she was perplexed.
"But,its too late,and it will take time for me to get dressed," she winked.
"you ladies,"he smiled.
Soon after 1 hour they both left .It was a special day for them. The night sky smiled as they both head for a candle light dinner.


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