May 10, 2009

Last ten minutes

10 minutes to write

What if this would be the last ten minutes of my life.

What would I write 10 minutes?

And why would i write anything ...

Dunno why these strange thoughts come to my mind.

A dedication... mmm maybe

Or write about somebody special.

But, for special somebody's they already know , so no point right.

And so I think hard again, I think hard, I am thinking now so that I won't waste time ,when the time comes.

This is really getting difficult. :)

Ok, I won't write anything but single notes on some parchment papers.

A small will for whatever I have with me.

And then I would make a phone call.

I would have approximately 4-5 minutes.

And I would speak nothing on the phone.

We would be together in silence.

Comforting in its own way,

the silence would envelope everything around me.


  1. last 10 minutes of my life, i wont write anything... I would have done the writing some time back.. I would want to spend the last 10 minutes of my life in the arms of my loved one, be it my mom, my son/daughter, my husband...anyone closest to my heart at that moment..

    thank you for writing on a topic as thought provoking as this one...

  2. well written Abhri :)

    hope u r feeling better after ur accident! take care bro.

  3. i guess Abhri got philosophical after his accident ;) !! tw, the last line was awesome !! silence speaks a lot u know !!


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