May 17, 2009

^_^ Introducing :- Where Thoughts Are Word$! :-)

A warm hello to everyone around.. :)

It's been just 6.5 months since I'm a part of "The Writers Lounge" & it has been a pleasant journey throughout.I'm genuinely grateful to Stephen for inviting me over here.It was 24th November-his birthday :D when I joined.I shall surely remember the day,even if I'm removed for not being regular in posting[God forbid that day ever arises].Stephen teased me once saying "You'll be removed" & I actually get scared even at the very thought of it.I truly love this place the most in the virtual world.I may not post regularly/comment but I appreciate each & every post over here by each and everyone.

Alright,now something about me :)

I'm Disha Bhatt.

I don't have many nicknames,but "Dish" is my favourite one."Some" of my friends call me "Di".Most of the people know me as "Disha".

I'm a reserved kind of a girl,and I believe in being frank,honest & keeping relationships simple with no pretence.

I'm studying third year dentistry & aspire to go abroad.My dreams are the dearest to me & I get the world's weirdest dreams. :)

I love watching movies and I can watch even repeat telecasts of my favourite tv show "N" number of times.I'm kinda obsessed to writing & I write "REALITY" with a shade of imagination added to it.

I'm an "internet addict"-All thanks to blogs and social networking sites!!!! :D
I love passing time on yahoo! doodle...

I loooooooove travelling,have been to almost everywhere in India.Thanks to my parents who love it too! :)

I love photography.I love animals and birds(and keeping pets too) but I'm veryyyyyyy scared of reptiles(except tortoise],so I've a fear-relationship with them].Actually I aspired to be an ornithologist but ended up in dentistry[Please check the meaning in the dictionary :)]

I live life on my own strange principles & terms.

I believe in making "Virtual World" real..... :)

"Virtual Reality...."

Hope this place stays as wonderful as it is.

All my best wishes to everyone here!!


Okay .... back to studies.... :P

[Don't misinterpret the photo.It's just that I'm busy reading a friend's blog on "paper"] :)


  1. welcome to wl disha

    hw r u after a long?

    ahh 24th bday and ur entry to wl

    u remember ehh!!


  2. Thank youuuuu....

    :)I'm fine..And you??

    All the best for exams!!!!!!!

  3. hehehe...the pic is superb:D
    A doc's life:P:P

    Loved knowin' you:)

    keep writin':)

  4. @ Rose [I love your name]

    Doc's life....So true.... but she's a writer/reader in the pic ...!!!!!

    Thank youuuu for the comment.

    Keeping spreading your sweet fragrance around and I shall show it direction( Disha )!! :)

  5. Oh yes!!
    Sure...see I never saw a doc with such a beautiful imagination:)


  6. Oh yes!!
    Sure...see I never saw a doc with such a beautiful imagination:)


  7. Yeah true.I'm not a bookworm and I let my mind fly freely !! :)

    That is actually a good point to add in the intro!!^_^

  8. nice to know about you disha
    and iam here from 15 jan and i saw you first time
    hoping that now you will post most in the future and ha ye pic me chehra chupa kyo lia

  9. Its nice knowing u Disha.......
    U too ain't a bookworm huh???

  10. gud 2 read about u Disha
    Hope to read more stuff 4m u:)


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