May 27, 2009

I Love you

"love you",
i hear you say
almost everyday.

each time
i smile,
before i reply.

"love you too"
i whisper
but not to you.

You know it all
even if i deny
its not false.

so hard i tried
to never accept it,
to myself i lied.

never wanted to lose
your love and care
that cured my blues.

was so very happy
with whatever i got
never asked for anything.

but i now ask
in your true love,
will i get to bask.

Ah! enough of dreams
let me put to rest,
false hopes of you n me.

I will be gone soon
far away from you
and wnt give past a look.

you do deserve more
some one you would love
and cherish a lot.

One last farewell i do
a last time, i say
"I love you"


  1. :(
    I have been in such a situation Prats where I was not able to tell him that I still love him...

    Amazing yaa! :)
    Loved it...

  2. @Artz : i know how it feels ... the story @ Ms R's blog was what followed this poem ... hope u can relate now.

  3. Lovely one.....I really enjoyed this.....This was more like the ones I do with the small Stanzas.....

    Amazing one and also great picture selection...:)

  4. u knw what.. aise he to i say that 'I LOVE YOU' :D :) keep churning like this..

  5. someone said she has probs being mushy....hehe...this is a contradiction

    btw prats...was thinking of starting a book review column with ye in TWL

  6. @Poshin : thanks !! i just wrote it randomly and den did not feel like arranging it any way :)

  7. @Insi : thanksie dear !! u r just natural btw wen it comes to mushy writes !!

  8. @FL : is ds mushy ?? no re .. its real :) !! and my pleasure to do a book review on WL !! will soon talk about it :)

  9. oye hoyeeeee!!!!! majja aa gaya! touching!


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