May 22, 2009

*Her last thoughts*

I am Drowning
Drowning in your love
Drowning because once I loved you
Drowning because
I want this love in my heart to end!

It was easy
For you to say
It was mere attraction
I broke all the ties
I had with my loved ones
Just so that, your love
I don't miss a fraction!

In this watery grave, I sink slow
This moment is my last
That love in me refuses to die
I shall come back to you
You are my thoughts
As I now breathe my last...

P.S.: I don't know if it goes well with the theme. Just give it a read even if it doesn't.

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  1. Its apt for today !! and really well written Artz !! m so happy you started writing poetry !! u have a natural flair for it :)

  2. another very simplified and clear expression coming from ur end...
    loved it!

  3. nice Aarthi..!!

    Loved it... :)

    Agree with Prats..


  4. it suits with the theme perfectly...very dark...
    nice write sis..luved it...


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