May 15, 2009

Direct Dil Se~~~ by the eternal *Ghost*

We have theme based days out here @ WL from today...Fridays have been set for spook stories, blood, gore, phantoms and short its Terror Fridays from now on.
I kick start with this quirky's the ghost speaking straight from the heart:D

A mist almost is what I have become
Death even I tried to overcome
No place though I find among my living kin
A sight of me is enough to raise a din
My abode is termed haunted
No longer do I feel wanted
No fangs, no claws nor a spooky face is me
Folktales though have set that as my destiny
In every heart they say I strike fear
I stayed back though for those I held dear
But hate and scorn is their only giving
Alas, it was love for which I chose the living

I mourn @ "Sepulchre of High Hopes"


  1. now that you are dead,
    it is time for you to go,
    sad yet true,
    but there is nothing,
    nothing more for you here,
    its time for you,
    for you to move on,
    to another world,
    a world where you belong.
    sad yet true,
    you are missed,
    though there will be,
    will be a day,
    when you fade,
    fade even from the memories,
    and you will just,
    in a frame,
    adorned with flowers,
    of platic,
    lacking fragrance,
    lacking life,
    lacking 'you'.


    if a human being could talk to a ghost, this is what he'd say I guess..

  2. *plastic

    **will fade :P

  3. Loved both the ghost talk and the human talk.. :)
    @ comfortably numb..loved the words..

    In every heart they say I strike fear
    I stayed back though for those I held dear

  4. sad sad sad yes :(

    when we dug your grave!
    we dug it deep!
    because we aint so brave!
    and once your soul flew off,
    you were but, a pile of heap!

    we chanted songs
    we sent prayers!
    the days were long!
    sad yes true,
    we wished if you were here!


  5. @Kajal
    perfect riposte...a dead soul has a different journey to undertake!!!

  6. @Asbah
    another brilliant response after Kaj...of course, the passing away is so painful!!!

  7. A brilliant piece of work Saim!! Loved it ;)


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