May 15, 2009

The Delight - A Wicked Retake

We think in the last two interviews (Kajal and Rashi) of Monday Delights these ladies had it quite easy. Monday Delight has always been about some unexpected questions and pushing the interviewees out of their comfort zone. So we thought why not have a 'The Delight - A Wicked Re-take'. Little did they know what was in store for them. Though Rashi got disconnected in between, we continued the interview with Kajal aka The Pink Orchid. Rashi is next in line without a doubt. So here is the wicked retake and trust us 'wicked' doesnt even come close to define what you are going to read now. ;)

Admin: R V ready?

Kajal: hello :) yes V R..

Admin: to set the temperatures soaring...R V....R V?? *offers a pink sunflower to both*

Rashi: Yes VR. Awww

Kajal: PINK SUNFLOWER accepted..

Admin: so the rules of this first group interview.....a wicked re-take...

Rashi: Likes the gesture

Kajal: rules.. iyyyyyoo.. oh my gawd.. bolo rules.

Rashi: bolo bolo

Admin: if in the first question kajal answers...rash follows....n in the very next one rash answers first...followed by kajal....done girls?

Rashi: oh ok

Admin: rash.....heads or tails?

Rashi: heads

Kajal: tails

Admin: tails it is :-)

Kajal: lol

Rashi: Yay kaju starts

Kajal: me starts what? :P

Rashi: answers

Admin: kajal starts off with the first question...rash also has to answer the same question...but after she gets some time...but the pattern changes in the next

Kajal: oh i c.. sorry bhondu me.. wokies.. EXCITING :p

Admin: Iss beraham duniya ke nukeele sawaalon ka jawaab aaj tumhe dena hi hoga ladkiyon...haseenaaon

Kajal: HASEENA sounds kewl! ;)

Rashi: hehe

Admin: so the first question of the "WICKED" re-take.... 'Why am I sweating?'

Kajal: lol if that's a question... then the interviewees are super duper hot..both the ladies are feverish that is why you are sweating.. ;)

Admin: 30 secs flat to answer.....

Kajal: done done done

Admin: hot.....define?

Kajal: hot means a 100 degrees..

Rashi: Now me.. Bcas or else you would have a wet nose ala the dogs...

Admin: Can i boil an egg?

Rashi: hehe yeah we both down with fever

Kajal: have you ever boiled water?

Rashi: err we are 100 F thank god for that

Kajal: oops yeah 100F

Admin: Okay......okay..... Rash...Can you elaborate :-) you being hot is directly proportional to my getting a wet nose?

Rashi: A dog has no sweat glands hence sweats through his nose... Asks admin to check nose to check if he indeed is a dog

Admin: The dog raises his leg and does a pee pee on hot rash's legs. What will she do? Feel lucky....Change clothes....Thank God that the dog did not shit? First rash....then kaju.....

Rashi: Yuck! Run to the bathroom.

Kajal: I will clean up too..ewwww..

Admin: Both of you are wrong. Rash is so hot that the pee pee would evaporate before reaching her legs :-)

Kajal: ;) @ Rash

Admin: Next question......Kaju followed by Rash....A male with curves......Or a female with bisceps?

Kajal: none..oh please! on a second thought a female with bisceps could be inspirational..*woman power*

Admin: :)

Rashi: I agree.. I have thing against metrosexual men.. And curves.. No no

Admin: Now associate one female from the lounge to the attribute ‘woman with muscles’ :-)

Kajal: and Rash answers first..

Rashi: shit this is mean

Admin: ha ha ha...

Kajal: admin is wicked :P

Admin: i said this is a wicked re-take :-)

Kajal: Rash think of someone who can't reach you to kill you.. :P

Admin: It need not be associating the physical can also be seen as... a female who comes across as a very strong lady.... we will give her the "female with bisceps"@lounge title...

Kajal: Rash.. kitthe ho?

Admin: rash...30 secs! I think she got disconnected. We will continue with you Kajal.

Kajal: lol..main to maari jaungi..

Admin: :-) admin will provide for your security o pink one

Kajal: but its ok. Ms R posts make her come across as a very strong lady.. you should read her post at her blog about 'backbiters'.

Admin: So Kaju's vote is out... Female with bisceps: Ms R :-)

Kajal: a big hug to Ms R ..It is just friendly humor..

Admin: I am sure she'll understand....its all in the family

Kajal: question..

Admin: I appoint you as the strict headmistress of this school called Writers Lounge....Which naughty kid would you make a murga for misbehaviour? and for what?

Kajal: There was a naughty anonymous kid around lounge.. talking crap in the shout box.. he/she needs to be made a murga.. rest all are well behaved! ;)

Adminu wer saying about an anonymous kid.

Kajal: yeah..

Admin: So he is the one you would punish right?

Kajal: it could be a she too..who knows..

Admin: If for fun you have to make a lounge member stand on the table with his hands raised......who will it be?

Kajal: ste! anytime..

Admin: you are still the headmistress. will you make his back red with your stick if given the option?

Kajal: awweee no...

Admin: replace scale with stick :-) I would :-)

Kajal: i am anti physical punishment.. bench pe khada karna tak is ok..

Admin: ha ha ha...point noted

Kajal: and there you revealed the identity of the interviewer. ;)

Admin: Who is he?

Kajal: i'll leave it for guesses.. :P

Admin: ha ha ha....k... Now i sack you from the headmistress post and make you the coin collector of this shouchalay(toilet) Which of the lounge members would you not allow enter come what may, despite his/her's repeated pleads and requests to release the pressure

Kajal: lol... hahahhaahahah I won't allow Arjun..

Admin: and there is no other toilet in the vicinity and why is that?

Kajal: lol.. he has a brand new nirmala shauchalaya near his place.. i know its a dumb answer.. for further details please read the toilet's inauguration.. i will open the gates to the more needy ones.. and less priveleged ones.

Admin: If not this toilet you guard, if you are to give arjun an opinion on where and how he should release the accumulated pressure....what would it be? Coz there is no toilet in sight for miles

Kajal: know what when pressure accumulates.. i advices..opinions.. no suggestions work.. Arjun is a smart one..and i am sure his brain works in the most difficult of the situations..

Admin: Now after living this life of coin collector at the shauchalaya, I am giving you this role of a princess...and the prettiest one at that. I am the wicked witch who converts every lounge member besides you into a frog.....

Kajal: interesting.. fir?

Admin: you can see everyone's names written on their back...but they all are frogs...Whom would you kiss back to being your prince? You can only kiss one and why

Kajal: i can see everyone's names.. ? admin ?? and this question ..haaaaaaay raam..
a kiss a frog with a name and why also..

Admin: all these frogs before you have his/her's name written on their back...for you to identify

Kajal: haaaaaaaaaaay raaaaaaaaaaam...

Admin: wicked wicked re-take. I came in from retirement when i saw that you had a lot of easy time at the torture cell called monday delight.....hmmm...but not anymore :-) :-)

Kajal: lol.. ok you asked for it.. not my piraaaaaablem.. :P I'd kiss golu.. coz its only him i'd want to turn into a prince when i am the princess and the reason being ah well.. he is MY prince.. :P

Admin: who is golu?

Kajal: admin tu to gaya beta!! :P you really really really wanna know? or do i really really really have to telll?

Admin yaaa.......who is that frog who gets that chance to be a mortal again.....n tease all the other frogs :-)

Kajal: he is the one who teases everyone anyway.. :) guru aka jaadugar aka laughter machine aka baandar aka ghonchu aka my 'mush'keteer aka Balan.. :D and i see raised eyebrows... admin you are dead!!

Admin: uh oh.....congrats Mr. Sandeep Balan for springing back to becoming a homo sapien from a amphibian.....

Kajal: lol yeah... :)

Admin: what after springing him back to life? Will you swim in the waters playing around with other frogs or will you head to sleep shutting off your door from all the preying eyes of these frogs?

Kajal: describe 'head to sleep' :O

Admin: suhaag raat or bath :-)

Kajal: iyyyyyyyyoooooooo kadavule..wicked ke abba huzur hain aap to... bath..bath bath.. :D
bath till i turn blue and till i sound believable behind the curtain of diplomacy.. admin you are dead! and my honesty is killing me! oh god bless me with smart answers!

Admin: ha ha were better off being a frog brother...atleast you could have got to play with this keep sitting watching other frogs play with her...lucky frogs :-)

Kajal: lol.. yeah yeah... you have no idea.. Sandeep wouldn't be watching.. he is not of that kind..

Admin: ha ha ha...elaborate is he of the alien kind?

Kajal: he can do anything.. he might just jump into the pool with us....and the frogs would love his company.. :)

Admin: ha ha ha.... i leave that judgement to the frogs :-)

Kajal: lol... alright..fair enough..

Admin: now...from this princess I transform you into a biology are required to carry one of the frogs to the dissection table...who would it be?

Kajal: hahhahahaha ummmm let me think..

Admin: :-) i hope you are enjoying this wicked re-take

Kajal: very much *smirks* dissection table pe.kaun jayega yaar..?

Admin: he he...

Kajal: i'd take freelancer .. to detect his funny bone.. uske funny bone ka copy bana ke i will earn billions.. :P he is too good..

Admin: he he...okay

Kajal: :P mere antim sanskaar ki taiyariyaan karo.. :P lol agla sawal poochha jaye. this is one wicked re-take ;)

Admin: from being a biology student i take you back in time....i transport you to the womb of a female at the lounge.....who would you like it to be? ;-)

Kajal: oh like if i had to choose a mommy.. ?

Admin yups

Kajal: from WL.. before i answer this I love my original mom a hell lot..

Admin: we all know that :-)

Kajal: but in the hypothetical situation.. it will be 'Asbah' :D

Admin ha ha...wat a gem....original mom :-) and duplicate mom :-) :-) wow...n why? became a proud momma today....we are proud of you :-)

Kajal: oh this is so easy. i look up to her.. i wish i could be like her.. they say daughters get to be like mothers a lil bit.. :)

Admin and whom would you like to see as your father? :-)

Kajal: i am saying it again i love my mommy (look at my mom pouting :P

Admin he he he......its getting wickedestest :-)

Kajal: you bet! mamaaaaaaaaa

Admin: asbah ko apne shohar ke baare main bataaye :-)

Kajal: can i answer without worrying who my WL mom is? lo there you said it..

Admin: he he...okay.....granted

Kajal: phew! ok .. father...father ..father...kaun hoga mera daddy dearest.. i'm not able to think only. :P

Admin: :-)

Kajal: the only person i can think of is.. well.. has been kissed into a prince already.. hhaahahaha weirdo me.. next question please... :D

Admin: he a father as well?? all rounder :-)

Kajal: funny na? yeah..but he is so protective, so caring, so always there, watching me take my little steps..

Admin: wow...

Kajal: so as it is a hypothetical situation I’d choose him ..

Admin: and if you had to worry about your WL mom as well.....then too? same choice? :-)

Kajal: haaaaaaay.. ab to aap possessive kar rahein hain humein.. :D

Admin :-)

Kajal: yeah go ahead.. dil pe rakha haath... still same choice..

Admin: ok ok got it...."conditions apply" father :-) :-) he he he

Kajal: you got it.. :D

Admin: asbah n sandeep's second child.....your sibling....a girl again......whom would you call a sister? :-)

Kajal: sister.. :D R.V. :D

Admin: V R sisters.......yipppeeeeeee

Kajal: V R a happy family..

Admin: ha ha cool....

Kajal: she already has shades of Asbah.. so there..

Admin: honeymoon in the sea or in the clouds. now you are a young bride :-)

Kajal: awweeee can i get both. :D i wanna learn how to fly and how to swim.. :D

Admin: granted....elaborate why?

Kajal: i answered..

Admin: he it... now 2 years down the line after your are pregnant....9 months down you give birth to a healthy baby boy...who is he?

Kajal: from WL.. mera laal ?

Admin: need not be.....blogger friends may also come in :-) apka laal...apka dulaara

Kajal: haaay..hehehehee..

Admin: :-) :-)

Kajal: mera dulaara would be arjun.. i don't know why...but he is a very achha baccha... :D
ghar hamesha hasta muskurata rahega .. and he has shades of his nana ji :P

Admin he he he...arjun.....ha ha...nanaji sandeep :-) btw who was your husband?
yeh kiska paap hain :-)

Kajal: ishhhhhhh.. now everything is mixed up!

Admin: husband sandeep jr.?

Kajal: why are you attaching everything together.. mamaaaaa!!

Admin: nana sandeep sr.

Kajal: yeah.. ok Sandeep double role mein!

Admin: wow...arjun....the grandson of nanaji sandeep sr. and naniji asbah......and the son of pop sandeep jr. and momma kajal..... some genes o great arjun :-)

Kajal: :P ab aap family tree banate rahenge ?

Admin: 2 years down you gift arjun with a beautiful sister....:-)

Kajal: tree bada hota hi ja raha hai..

Admin apni beti chuniye

Kajal: i'd choose Aayushi aka crystal.. a supernova teen blogger.. she will make me a proud mommy.. :D

Admin: ha ha...aayushi aka crystal....welcome to this one of its kind family. Next door neighbourhood uncle and aunty ka naam bataaiye

Kajal: mammmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaa

Admin: :-)

Kajal: mere uncle aunty ya mere baccho ke? :P

Admin: tere bacchon ke :-)

Kajal: match maker bana ra ha hai mujhko. hashan and pratsie.. my sweet neighbours.. :D

Admin: good morning o hashan n his better half pratsie.... their kids?

Kajal: hahaha kids.. gender?

Admin both boys

Kajal: wow! ok...lemme think.. vinu and ste... I guess

Admin: :D

Kajal: :D kaisi rahi admin?

Admin What will be your take if Ste tries to harass your daughter aayushi? sorry....if ste tries to flirt with ayushi...wat will be your take and advice n steps to curb

Kajal: pratsie se shikayat karungi.. :D hashan ki ek dark poem se ste fir se track pe aa jayega..

Admin: pratsie will give him a poetry lesson

Kajal: haan wo bhi.. :D

Admin: ha ha ha ha
Ste mere bacche ab wahaan nahin jaayega
gaya agar toh thappad khaayega

Kajal: hhaahaahah yeah!

Admin: he he

unki ladki ki taraf uthaayi jo nazar,
itni padegi ki ban jaayega bandar,
unke ghar ki taraf jaana na,
varna mere haath ka bana khana na!
(this style of poetry is called "sudharofy kids" style. Used in extreme circumstances. Invented in mallu land n made famous by some balan guy. The Lounge nods in admiration)

Admin: ha ha ha ha ha ha

Kajal: next question...

Admin: say if the parents of sandeep jr. stay in the lane behind...who are they? And sandeep jr. has a sister and an older brother too.....who are they? as in who is your saas......sasur.....and others :-)

Kajal: mera sasuraal.. :P heheheheeh poori family batau?

Admin: yup

Kajal: sandeep ke papa oh my god! kaun hoga wo shaks! sandeep ka triple role ho sakta hai?? :P no wait i got it..

Admin: :)

Kajal: lover (adi) papa; and neha (mommy)

Admin: he he he

Kajal: mona sister. oh ab big brother??

Admin: he he

Kajal: soch hi nahi pa rahi hoon.. :P
hey why not Chriz..

Admin: the chronic writer?

Kajal: yeah..chalega?

Admin: ha ha ha... good one

Kajal: and did you get the logic behind the parents of sandy jr ?

Admin: he ...batao

Kajal: adi ka mush and neha ka humor ko blow karo out of propostion... sandeep ban jata hai.. usmein apne philosophy wale traits bhi hain..bhaai beheno ki tarah..

Admin: ha ha ha ha we take you ahead in time...... say a good 75 years ahead in are in your deathbed...

Kajal: maar dala.

Admin: teeth gone....bent back....wrinkles....the dark pink has transformed into a lighter shade.....much lighter… a shade of white

Kajal: yeah fir?

Admin: you are taking your last breath.....who all do you want to see besides your bed? and one last thing you would want to do before passing away?

Kajal: awwee how touching.. I’d want all the members of WL besides me.
and one last thing would be me saying 'you guys made my life worth living; i am dying a happy woman's death'

Admin: Wow!! Two things you would want to carry into next birth...

Kajal: in context of WL?

Admin: general.. if given a choice

Kajal: golu and WL :D golu comes with WL. can i take one more thing..?

Admin: yes...make it three

Kajal: my family.. :D in my next birth i wouldnt be a dumb they'll understand me and treat me like a mature lady.. :D

Admin: Amen! May all your wishes be granted in this next birth....may you get everything you ever wished for

Kajal: :) thank you admin.. :)

Admin: It was great chatting with you kajal... had a great time...and the interview was a complete cracker! Thanks for taking time out.

Kajal: woaaaaaa. R V done? :P

Admin: V R. You can breathe now. 

Kajal: Perfect! Phew!! 


  1. lol...m a frog...gee thanx kaj...its an honor

  2. heheheheh you read it so fast?? :P abhi to laga hai.. hheehehe as in..that was compliment to your humor quotient.. wicked interview it was FL.. :) hope you are not planning to shoot me though..






  4. kya family bani:D
    dis was awesome man...from frogs and double roles to matchmaking and what else not...too good:P

  5. woahhh...!!! kajal..!! hehehe...

    u wont allow me into the toilet aa ???.. God..!! Tats one occasion when my brain stops working ya... hehe :P

    n I'm ur son.. woah.... gr8.. hehe

    My dad and grand dad are same..woah.. double roles... wah wah.. i'm so lucky.... n asbah.. my granny :P hehe...

    kajal.. i wld love to be ur son... u'll save me frm our naughty neighbour ste.. hehe... lol

    Enjoyed this retake thoroughly...

    n y dont u guys change that 'Admin' into 'Sandeep' uh?? hehe... No need of any clues to guess that.. hehe.. ryt na :P ;)



  6. God !! finally some one did this interview retake !! i have been telling Leo since ages !!

    *devil grin*

    and for the interview ?? i never enjoyed this much !!

    *lucky i am not the one to interviewd again*

    but really !! i had fun !! i will love to be neighbours wd u dearie !! mwah !!

  7. Hay Ram.. I have to go through this next! Me scared!

  8. n u r rt abt Admin Arjun !!

  9. I so so so louvveeeeeedd it!!

    Thoroughly enjoyed!


  10. Oh God! What an interview! First of its kinds :D Well done to both parties! ;)

  11. *chokes*

    but then, lol it was a *tad* too interesting. me a mommy :D suits, wow!
    this is hell appreciation Kaj! belieme sometime i wonder if i really deserve all of it :P

    but you and rash as my daughters, wow :D i will be a proud mommy :D

    everything was just awesome, witty to the core, specially that dissection part - hilarious :D

    loved it, loved it one million times!


  12. was hilarious...ROTFL man :D !!..Would love to be your neighbor kajal :)

    Bahu tou Kajal ki ghar se hi ayegi..darr mat Ste :)) papa tere sath

  13. thats the spirit my dear hashan !!

  14. A big hug from the woman with biceps :P ;) Loved your interview gurl! :D

  15. stepMAN tu hai nuts..!!!

  16. it was one torture cell saim.. i am glad i am still alive.. :)

  17. you are intelligent arjun. dont worry beta ste tera baal bhi baanka nahi kar sakta.. :P

  18. pretty, yup you'd be my neighbour.. :) keep sugar and tea ready.. main kabhi bhi maangne aa jaungi.. :P

  19. rash hheeeehe.. i have full sympathy.. *evil grin*

  20. pratsie..wink wink...

  21. @aarthi: hhhheeeheeh tu bhi bachi nahi rahegi.. :P

  22. @Bhargav: glad it made sense.. i was so nervous.. ;)

  23. Asbah, it was a guru brand interview.. maza to aana hi tha.. :D

  24. haaaaaaaaay.. humaare ghar se dont expect dahej and tell your ste to impress my daughter.. :)

  25. glad you liked it Ms R..


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