May 15, 2009

Confrontation (Contd.)

Continued from Pratibha's Post Confrontation

"I wrote it when we met first. I did not know if it was love or if it was my infatuation; but you were my best friend, so I thought to share it with you, but could not” he said.
“I know that, Harry. I always knew that!” Kajal added, “but, I don’t love you .”


  1. Well, I wrote it thinking from the girl's point of view... I dont know what exactly helped me write this, but Hashan wanted a 'TWIST' and so be it!

    I hope this time, the next writer will continue from this story... I am really waiting to see your takes mates... jump in... :)

  2. awrite..from this,story will be interestin'...bring it on mates its goin well :)

  3. this was too good Tan.. :) simply wow.. :)

  4. the next part is up... see if it makjes sense :)

  5. this is good ... liked that the flow is still there :)

  6. im dying to know the end.. too impatient now.. keep writing..


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