May 21, 2009


Ram's mobile rings,"Pick up the phone darling....."
In the screen it was,"Wife.... calling....."
"hey dear wer r u???"
"Y r u not replying idiot???"
"Is ur idiotic dasd near u??? ok tell mm alone for wat i talk"


"Do u love me???"
"Shall v elope???"
"Ur dad wil never accept our love..... let's just kidnap him nd make him accept our love??"
"Hello",a hoarse voice on the other end.....
She hung up the phone.....
It was Ram's dad......
Pity fellow his love was caught at home......
U al know wat will happen next......


  1. he he he.....lolz.....

    Awesome dude....awesome....

  2. "Kutte! Kaminey! Main Tera Khoon Pee Jaaonga!" :D

  3. @Bhargav
    Could u pls tel it in english??

  4. Doc:
    LOL! If I literally translate it then it'll be "Dog, bastard, I'll drink your blood!" It's a very popular Bollywood dialogue! hehe

    And doc, do take part in the Caption Contest from this Saturday. Cheers!

  5. Ok dude.... but wats the contest???

  6. Doc:
    I've been promoting it almost everyday :(

    Anyway, click on this link to know more:


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