April 12, 2009


Waqt ke qatil lamhon ne
Dushman ki gehri shazish ne
Hai sabr humara cheen lia
Is qaum ki maon , behno se
Hai her sahara cheen lia
Her dil ke nazuk angan main
Armaon ke deep jo jaltey thay
Us aman ki gehri wadi se
Hai pyar ka nata cheen lia
Kia aman humara haq nahe?
Kia jeena hum ko raas nahe?
Kyun dunya ke khudaon ne
Hai chain humara cheen lia?


  1. thanks chirag!
    i so pray that may the peace replace the barbs of ruthless murders of innocence souls...

  2. all our hearts cry out for peace.. you voiced it so well uzra.. stay blessed! :)

  3. thanks kajal for sharing the grief.

  4. i am not much into hindi poems, but i liked this one a lot! :)

  5. Thank you leo, your words are a soul pleasing!
    stay blessed!

  6. very strong and sad write !! it rings so true for all nations now !!

  7. Agreed with Prats..the tale of all nations now..very touching Beautifully written:))

  8. Your nazm reminds me of the song by Shehzaad Roy, 'Qismat Apne Haath Mein'

    It too taks on similar lines.

    Your words are beautiful, anf you've presented the thoughts even beautifully.

    Allah-Nighebaan ( sach mein)

  9. yes Ilashree, he speaks of the same lines.

    and uz, it is very powerful you know! every line in it is strong!

    'hai pyar ka nata chen kea'

    !! and flow and rhyme. loved reading it

  10. @pretty! comletely agreed with your words!

  11. Goswami! thank you for your words of praise and blessing.we all have the same thoughts regarding this very issue in current scanerio .all thoughts sounds similar.. in words, in rythm and in corners of eyes..
    stay blessed and happy!

  12. JazakIllah asbah!
    always love reading your comments!
    khush raho!


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