April 26, 2009

Stressed with Work!

Thinking madly of a thing..

To stop a useful thing being done

Unnecessary Irritation..

Frown and Angry face

And stop myself from having fun


Work Stress!!!


  1. :(... koi baat nahi...it happens.

    If life would have been fair,
    If all time would have been there,
    You wouldnt have been born to fight,
    To defeat the dark and see the light..

    So move on mate, coz THIS IS the test,
    "I just CANNOT fail"
    Thats the way to lead the rest,
    Work along and feel the dawn,
    Coz on winning, YOU'LL BE THE BEST!"
    Jus something that came instantly... ;P
    Aise hi likh di... ;P

    But i hope it helps!

    Nice ryt btw...hope to also see u at my blog soon!!
    Happy reading and writing...!
    Cheers! ;P

  2. Woah!!! Such A motive poem.. :D
    dedicated to me???
    Thank you Nik.. You made me smile:)
    Sure.. will visit ur blog:)

  3. good...u smiled, so my work done... ;P

    nw dnt b stressed, n jus remain cool...... ;P

    hv fun!!

  4. hey !! such true words nuchu !! n Nik... awesome lines !! it can inspire anyone :)

  5. stress! i can feel your stress reading these lines.. big hug!


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