April 22, 2009

She does not-2 !!

In Continuation to Tan's she does not !

He found it hard to believe that she could do like that.Something wrong..something terribly wrong.

" wait listen to me"

She did not look back.She took a taxi and moved away. It was started raining heavily.

He ran..he ran on the footpath.He recalled each and every moment he spent with her.


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  2. this leaves a lot to be said :) I like this part Hashan .. lets see who cares to write further !!

  3. even i'm waiting who'll carry it further
    you left so much scope for continuation

    nicely written!

  4. Thanki..thanki..lets see who'll carry it further? you..Prats,aparna..come'on

    all are welcome to continue... Tan's words " take it as a challenge" hehe

  5. You described the moment that I wrote in just one line... I had less words, you gave words to my thoughts here... Thanks!!!


  6. wow!! it is going on so well.. :D


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