April 13, 2009


PULKIT TIWARI( 1st post! 13 april.... happy baisakhi to all of you,firstly)

“A journey is known not by the amount of miles one covers, But by the way in which you trespass them!”

expression and thoughts are so connected, yet so so different... which one commands the other its always a quest to wonder!

Hi everyone! This is me Pulkit... something within me willing to be someone here soon!

In the words of Iceman describing the relation close to what we would share soon...I quote!

You hold a place within my life,
unusual and unique;
We share ideals and special dreams,
and still, we do not speak.”

this thus concludes my first post here at WL! Have just joined in!

Had a stupid senseless mess here a few days back... looking for a fresh start!

With a desire to hold hands
for those who would join by me..
with a search in eyes!

On the unknown lanes
that all leads to you and me
and A search for a support!

Thats all to start for...
thats all to say!
Let words come by
before I end in grays!”

- (6:40,13 April,2009)

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  1. Welcome to this amazing family!

    Very well written, indeed.
    It being your first,shows your inherent potential and passion to compose some beautiful masterpieces in the future.

  2. thanks mohita!
    for the support and initial appreciation!
    means a lot to me...

  3. Initial appreciation:))
    Needless to say,that was very well deserved!

    Keep writing.

  4. Pulkit,

    ah finally you are here.. :) i am so glad seeing you here.. you are a hub of creativity!

    God bless!

    You made me proud with your very first post!

    keep it coming.. :)

  5. hey bhai..gr8 strt..wid lot mre potential n enrgy..wsh u bst 4 ths new strt..

  6. @pulkit,
    hi friend, are u known to callie already! :) wat a debut post! loved that last verse!

  7. @ pink orchid - thanks kajal! such a first comment from a prominent member of this place like u...seemed like a blessings from a god's cup! it had been a great day today for me!

  8. @ shagun - hey sweetheart! thanks a lot sis for the visit and the comments as always! :) love u!

  9. @ leo - thanks bro! me! a regular visitor of "lifeofpinkorchid" and "time to rhyme",both of them... so perhaps a heard name for kajal! :)

    thanks all...!!

  10. welcome to WL ..great start,keep writing bro..Cheers !!

  11. @pulkit,

    time to rhyme?? sowwie, haven't noticed i guess... my sister is more regular to comments than me at our joint poems blog! :)

  12. @ hashan - thanks for the warm welcome!

    @ leo - glad knowing u now itself, bro!

  13. i really liked you post !! welcome here :)

    some lines for you :

    What ever be your search,
    wherever maylead your quest,
    you will find our wishes close
    nudging you towards everything best !!

  14. thanks dear!
    :) m honoursed!

    feeling blessed to interact with people like u!

  15. Warm welcome at the Lounge ..
    And the first post..Very Well Done..
    Looking forward to read frm you..


  16. Welcome aboard!!!
    We all will have a gr8 time with you....

    A very good start....

    keep posting.... :)

  17. @ charzz - thanks :)

    @ pretty me - :) (smiles)

    @ virtuvian boy - thanks a lot bro!


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