April 8, 2009

Love you my friend

You make me smile,
with just a sweet Hi!
you dispel my fears
with a patient ear.

I think of you first
when thigs go wrong,
my words had music,
you made the songs.

Each night and day,
when i say my prayers
i wish all joys for you
without you,what will i do?

No name i ever heard
to call you specially
coz if this is called love,
i know its pure and free.


  1. Love, is sacred and beautiful. We all r born 2 love. If everyone responds this would be a paradise. Unfortunately god thought otherwise.

  2. i agree .. Love is so pure .. why bound it to some people and some feelings ??

  3. bravo... bravo... bravo...

    prats that was a sweet lyrical poem u wrote, i didnt read it ;)

    i sung it :D, short,simple and sweet...

  4. Sweet, simple nd wonderful! aka Prats!

    signature style nd an awesum one too! keep dem cmin! :)

  5. Short, sweet, touchy..!!!

    Very Well written..:)

  6. @American desi : we all do !!

    @thanks Hashan !!

  7. @Kings : thats so very sweet of you !! this was a b'day poem for one of my frnd :)

  8. he he Mav !! i guess simple is wat i love :)

  9. thanks charu n Ste !! glad to be writing here again :)


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