April 11, 2009

Love Defining Us!

What was the Love beholding us,

It was defining us,

It was expressing us,

It was making us,

And it was defining us!

It was the belief,

It was the hope,

It was the wish,

It was the expectation,

And it was defining us!

It was me,

It was you,

It was we,

It was the dreams,

And it was defining us!

It was the believing me,

It was the scared you,

It was the optimistic me,

It was the skeptic you,

And it was defining us!

It was the running you,

It was the rock standing me,

It was the practical you,

It was the idealistic me,

And it was defining us!

Love stood forever,

Forever was its name,

And belief was my name,

Love always existed before,

And it was defining us!

It had shattered us before,

Made us skeptic and crushed,

Yet here I stood in believe and hope,

With you and with myself,

Wanting to make it happen,

Standing across all atrocities and obstacles,

Because I believed and wanted it to last forever,

As it was Love that was defining us!

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  1. Wow...enjoyed this poem...
    So simple yet so powerful....

    Wish u a very happy birthday.... :)
    God bless u with all the happiness in yr life.... :)

  2. yeah... i loved this love poem! :)

  3. Beautiful Nabila.... :)

    Loved the ending.. :)

    yeah..Once again.. Many Happy Returns Of The Day... :)


  4. @Mohita thanks dear :)

    @The Vitruvian Boy...thanks for liking it....and many thanks for the wishes

    @Vinay thanks :)

    @Arjun thanks for liking the poem......and thanks so much for the wishes :)

  5. Love ..it always keeps you hopefull..

    A very happy burthday sweetipie..

  6. @Chaarz ya thats the real kind of love which brings optimism
    and thanks for the wishes :)


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