April 27, 2009

Loop Poetry

Created by Hellon, loop poetry has unlimited stanzas and no set syllable count. In each stanza the last word of each line becomes the first word of the next with a rhyme scheme of abcb.


1. Stanzas, writers choice on the number, no rhyming, the last word, first word scheme is maintained.

2. One long stanza, no limit on number of lines, no rhyming scheme, the last word, first word scheme
is maintained.

3. Couplets mixed with 4 line stanzas, the last word, first word scheme is maintained in the stanzas.
It can also be used in the couplets. Rhyme scheme is ab, cc, defg, hh, ii, jklm, nn, oo.

As :

The last to fall
Fall beneath
Beneath sorrow
Sorrow underneath

Underneath pain
Pain of lost love
Love that I gave
Gave all till now.

by Leo.



  1. wow....Loop poetry again...the best form...you get to use the same word in different forms...!!!

    nice write up vinay....but yes, painful one...you know na i am not much into the sad ones...!!!

  2. Beautiful.. would like to create one of this myself.

  3. Interesting.. I might give it a try too :)

  4. ah bhaai's poem as an example i feel so proud! :D

  5. Thanks for posting this :).. will definitely give a try :)


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