April 18, 2009

HEY ALL..!!!

Little me arrive to write here
Something my heart can hear
Your hearts I wish to be near
Thoughts I have are clear
Feelings I share are dear
A cute smile, I always wear
Spread them to you, I am here
What I write are all real
To my heart, to my soul, dear
So friends I will be here
To share the smile, so dear
Read with the heart clear
Make me be better from here

hello writers..i am Yamini Meduri from the Land Of Dreams. i am here to meet all nice and talented writers here. i am not sure about the way i write but then, i am sure you all will have a good time reading me. if you wanna be the dreamer in my Land of Dreams feel free and enjoy the beauty of dreams...here.

i will definitely be back for sure...to share my pen...!!!!

i thank LEO for inviting me to this wonderful place..!!! Thanks LEO..!!!


  1. welcome to WL..!

    and waiting for more from ur pen!

    beautiful monorhyme! :)

  2. wowwwwwwwww! Yams! i am so proud of vinu to have invited you here.. :) welcome aboard..:)

  3. yamini dear
    welcome here.

    i have always admired ur writes :)

  4. welcome to the louge dear!
    great start there!
    hoping to read more of u in future!
    tc god bless...

  5. Welcome:)

    I have been visiting your blog for quite sometime now..so,its obvious that I admire your writings:)

    Waiting for more!


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