April 20, 2009

Condional Love...

I always believed that hiccups means that someone who loves you is missing badly but today things were different .. I lost her three months back and since that day today was the first day I had hiccups.. why this was so.. don't know but I still missed her every day every night though passing a day was easier much easier then night as at night voices in my heart can be clearly heard.. why I missed her so much...


  1. there was a time when each post on all the blogs that I use to read whole day featured verses of love...
    and there is a time now, when 8 out of 10 blogs that I come across have break up stories and poetic cries!
    what is it that every girl and boy is looking for in a relationship???
    I wonder ...

    just heard the news of my little sis breakin up after 3 yrs with someone...


    whats going on???

  2. sad
    very sad
    very very sad :(

    @pulkit : God give ur sis strength !!

  3. sad one...u'll comeover it insi

    be strong

  4. i never had my hiccups, i guess that purely means he doesnt think of me anymore!

  5. Wow lovely....!!!

    It may be a case that someone else is think abt u...
    time to move on....
    Think abt the future.... :)

  6. @ Insiya

    Difficult times.....just hold on, okkkk!

    Ull ride over it! I knw! :)

  7. @Insi: a big hug to you girl!! allah jaanta hai -sab theek ho jayega.. waqt har zakhm bhar deta hai.. take care girl! we are here for you.. :)

  8. hey hey guys it was just fiction... nuffin like that ...


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