April 16, 2009

April - (1)

* Moving out of my comfort zone and experimenting with a new genre. Hope you all like this new story from my stable. Cheers!!

15th April, 23:00 hrs

It is raining outside. Don’t I love the Mumbai rains? It is raining pretty heavily. But that’s how Mumbai rains are. It rains cats and dogs here. Ohhh…it’s already 11 in the night. What time is my flight tomorrow? Hmmmmmm…it was at 5 am……right? Big dumbo I am. I can’t even remember a small detail. Let me check it. Where did I keep my tickets yaa? Hmmmm…yes……in my laptop bag. Let me check the flight timings. Uffffffffff…light chali gayi. This electricity also had to go now only!! And I don’t even have a candle stocked here. Shit. Darkness is one thing that spooks me off. From when did Mumbai start plunging into darkness? It would be because of these rains…hmmm..yes. Hope it comes soon. God, please….please…please….I will die out of heart attack if this combination of rain and thunder and pitch black darkness go on for another 5 mins. Hey…..Who is that? I asked…Who is that? Did I see someone there? Or was it my mind conjuring up images because of fear? I think I saw a shadow move there.
Stop dreaming Ishveen. Stop dreaming! God….such a scary night. Heyyyyyyyy……mmmmmm……Who is that? God…..Helppppppppppppp……..Who are you?? Who are you?? Helppppppppppppppppp…….What!!!!……YOU!! But……Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…….

17th April, 13:00 hrs

“Hit with a sharp object on head. The fatal hit caused destruction of her medulla oblongata, resulting in instant death. Miss Ishveen Malhotra. 25. Single. Airhostess with King Airlines. Hailing from Chandigarh. Moved to Mumbai in 2006 and has been staying here for the past 3 years. Her father was a retired colonel. Mother and elder brother Vikram were killed in a fatal car accident 3 years back. Car fell off a cliff. Their bodies were never found. Father committed suicide within a month of the accident. Seemed to be in a state of shock after the multiple losses. Right Yeshwant?”, Inspector Swaminathan threw a questioning glance at his subordinate after glancing through the papers and lab reports that were scattered all over.

“Right Sir. She seems to have moved down to Mumbai around the same time her father died. The investigations are on to find out the exact date Sir. From what I know, she was here before her father committed suicide”, Yeshwant had done his homework

“Strange. If true though. When she should have been at home comforting her dad after the accidents which killed her mother and her sibling, she chose to come down to Mumbai to chase her dreams. Hmmmmm…maybe she wanted to run away from the memories her home at Chandigarh brought every time she tried to forget that fateful incident which threw their life off gear. That seems to be the only logical reason”, Swaminathan said.

Yeshwant had something else running on his mind. He thought for a while, carefully choosing his words before putting it before Swaminathan. “If that was the case, why does she keep going to Chandigarh? She apparently was to fly down to Chandigarh tomorrow morning to spend her holidays there. And from our enquiries, she has been doing that religiously every year. Somehow does not fit into the scheme of things. Something, somewhere seems wrong. Terribly wrong”

To be continued....


  1. what next... something fishy waiting for her on the trip ???

  2. oops...pulkit...i think i have been unable to convey it to you...she has been murdered....so how can she come across something fishy on her trip? ;-)

  3. jhatka laga zor se.. murder mystery.. waah waah!! lage rahiye.. jaldi se batayiye aage kya hoga?

    ishween ka bhoot?
    yeshwant khooni hai?
    inspector khooni hai?
    ishween inspector ki ex girlfriend thi?
    ishween yeshwant ki ex girlfriend thi?
    yeshween itni ugly thi ki andhere mein khud ki reflection dekh ke khud ka murder kar liya?
    yeshwant is dreaming?
    inspector is dreaming?
    ishween is dreaming?
    sandeep is dreaming?

    ---- kitne saare sawaal going round and round in my head..--

    mummy theek hi kehti hai ekta kapoor ke serials nahi dekhne chahiye... too good Balan.. :)
    main serials nahi dekhungi aur itne dumb interpretations nahi karungi.. :P

  4. ahh !!! suspense .... bring it on fast !! waiting .........................................................................................

  5. Too tired of watching CID,special squad and other mystery related program.....
    this is comes as a gift.... :)

    waiting for the next part..... :)

  6. And thank u kajal for stirring up the mystery..... :)


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