April 12, 2009

Answer of WL Cricket Quiz-4 and want reason for zero entry

hello friends iam again with the answers of the last quiz

1.who broke the record of courtney walsh and became the highest wicket taker in test?

2.who is the 100th wicket of anil kumble in test cricket?
answer:-martin crowe

3.against which team sachin made his 1st hundred?

4.which cricketer has record of having highest number of duck in test cricket?
answer:-courtney walsh 39 ducks

5.identify this cricketer?

answer:-Andy flower

now winner of this week's quiz is:-


its not that no one gave the right answer its the thing that i didn't get a single entry for this week's quiz and iam really disappointed from the members of the lounge about this.

i want their suggestion and excuses also that why they didn't try for the quiz no matter u get wrong answer but at least try for it

if someone say members are busy i didn't think its right because we are getting lot of post daily on lounge so no one busy and i question's are tuf you should try it and all question's are not tuf

i want the reason that why no one is participating in this quiz
admin tell me what should i do now and i also want to ask from the other lounge members that say truth if they didn't like this quiz i will shut it down and if they like
why they are not participating in it.

as no one participate in the last week's quiz i will not post this week's quiz and will post it next week if members are ready to participate.


  1. I will participate next time Chirag....

    I'll sign in a bond paper.....

    Bring on the quiz..... pls..pls


  2. @arjun
    me majak nahi kar raha hu
    iam serios about it
    "I'll sign in a bond paper..... "
    ye majak mat kar
    me majak k mood me nahi hu yaar

  3. Take it cool yar...!! Dont get disheartened..... I was jus tryin to cheer u....

    I said na I'll participate.. post the next one.. i'll rope in ppl n make them participate....
    Lets see who'll refuse...

    aur, majak karte raho yar.... serious rehne se kya faidha?? uh?? :)

  4. Chirag bhai..Itna gussa chehat ke liye hanikarak hai :))).. will participate from next week :))Pakka

  5. aaaann...i want to participate but my knowledge about cricket is sooo poooor..:(

  6. @hashan
    kabhi jaruri thota hai thoda gussa
    chinta mat karo agale week quiz aayega but ab jab bhi zero entruy hogi us week quiz post nahi hoga

  7. arre yaar chirag very sorry....

    I can understand,how would u feel if noones sends a entry....

    u r doing a gr8 job...

    but its us who totally forgot abt this weeks quiz...
    very sorry....

    The pics are the tough one's but i dont want them gone...The pic makes the quiz more challenging....

    Waiting for the next one.... :)

  8. yeah i will second all of the people who're apologizing :(

    please accept, no matter how poor our knowledge is, we'll still try.
    because in the end it is afterall abt trying :)


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