March 4, 2009

The Writers' Lounge Film Quiz #3

For this week's quiz, identify the films from the pictures below (1-7).
Please remember that only one submission per person is allowed! Also it'll be great if there's some more participation from the Lounge readers :)

Good luck!

LINK for submission (open in new tab/window):

(Click on the picture to enlarge)
LINK for submission (open in new tab/window):

Answers for last week's quiz:
1) Aatank Hi Aatank
2.a) Ustad Zakir Hussain
2.b) Nargis
3) Swades
4) Duvidha
5) Oldboy
6) Khamoshi

Winners (Total entries: 21):
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  1. Last weeks Zakir hussain was tough.. so me lost :(

    but this week hoping to win..

  2. all set for the hattrick!!

    neha...tu mere se pehle kar hi nahi paayegi...mujhe haraana mushkil hi nahi naamunkin hain...

    aur yeh sister help is prohibited...unfair ;-) ..why do you always put in mona's entry after yours...kabhi usko 2nd bhi aane de ;-)....nahi chalega...nahi chalega...venky bulldozing nahi chalega ;-)

  3. i'm not a film buff dude, so thats y dont participate... because out of the seven.. probably can find max one or two utmost....

  4. Hmmm Bhargav,
    For the first time, I'm able to answer all the sic pics now ... I'm so happy ... lets see if the options are correct ... will wait for next week!!

    And one thing, these people are winning every week, so why dont you put the date or week # in the badge that you give?? They can have all the badges together in that way ... one after another ... hows it??

  5. @ Sandeep

    Pffrrrrrrrttttt!!! :P

    You are right. Main tujhse pehle kabhi aa hi nahi sakti. That is because tu Idea ke office mein baithe baithe din bhar makkhi maarta rehta hai. Saamne computer screen on hota hai. Jaise hi quiz aaya, you can put in your entry.

    Unlike you, I am in college, attending lectures, making presentations, giving exams, etc. So, obviously, I can't put my entry before you put in yours. So, the great Balan, I accept defeat!

    @ Bhargav

    Am loving it! Yaay!!! Thanx!!! ;)

    Balan... pfffffrrrrrrt again!!!

  6. @Neha

    hehe... .... presently bhubaneshwar ki makkhi??? hehe

    Congrats all of u....

    I'm not a film buff at all man... I feel sorry that i'm not able to participate....


  7. Thanks everyone! Good response so far :)

  8. greatt quiizz!!!!!
    i hope to win! :D

  9. i know all the answers and i gave but didn't win
    koi bat nahi is bar jaruru jeetunga


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