March 4, 2009


My wonderless tread,
o'er numbers shrew on beach of life
torn wounded feet!

Not exactly my first Haiku, I got to know about it many years ago, and refreshed when prats made a haiku of my post about Rain. But  before I didn't have even the slightest idea of syllabus, Thank you Prats.

Now coming to the piece. I am an accountant to be and it is 'posed to mean that I have figures ubiquitously litterling the coast of my life!


  1. too apt for an accountant to be ;)

    But a little bit pessimist don't you see... cmon thats your profession, cheer up ;) , lotsa numbers to crunch and lotsa numbers to punch...hehehehe...

    Reading your poetic view of an accountants journey... i could think of nothing but Robert frost's poem.. Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

  2. Voila those are my fave lines king...

    and ya mr. accountant to be..i think i can relate to your post..may be because we share the same fate ..:P :P

    U see i can feel it...

  3. Asbah, you captured the moment so well.. brings in so many emotions..
    loved it!!

  4. thankyou King, I agree, Wrote it today at office when i was piled up with work or something like that.

    Beautiful lines by Frost!

    Gulshan, Thankyou :)
    and a *lil* correction :P lets say it is MISS accountant, how apt is that ? :P

  5. oops..ya sure..i was confused thought ll make it with Mr....:P...anyways nice to male domination on WL :P....

  6. LOL. we need a super woman to make it confirmed. But then, we've a lot of super women here, all girls are super women ;)

  7. wow... we got lots of accountants in here... and male domination !!!! cmon ppl, tht could be another much debated topic... off lately i can see too much posts about mush and love lorn feelings... ;) ... what do u say about that....

  8. *smiling*
    *still smiling*
    *more happy*


    it was really a worthy read .. i will check the count later ..

  9. King this wasnt mush and love, hayna?

    pratss... wow wow guess who's saying so ... *falls off the chair and faints*

  10. *fanning*
    wake up.....
    u have to write more haikus :P

  11. of course of course :D

    *wakes up*

  12. wow! asbah this one was even better!

    i felt it written for me so i am self dedicating it without permission! ;) hope u wont mind

  13. lol of course not, *declares that it is dedicated to Insi and Gulshan*

  14. Haiku fever at the Lounge :P
    nan z the only one who hasnt posted one i guess ;) :D

  15. accountant to be? :O

    nah, u r a authoress to be i feel! u write divinely asbah! :)

  16. divine? Who says it??


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