March 16, 2009

The result of a crazy day..

Disclaimer: I'm energy deprived since I had no breakfast or lunch owing to my stupid college.. So if people wanna kick my ass, you are totally welcome to do so!

Very quick, I haven't been, to cite
Indeed you are my star shining bright
Never ever, I hope, we do fight
A true friend, you are, to listen to my plight
Your poems, like you, are always a delight.

A crazy girl, one day, had me stun,
So many similarities, maybe a ton
Because of it, a new relationship begun
An amazing lady who has many hearts won
Her dreams, may they never come undone.

Pretty, she is just as her name
Reign the kingdom of poetry is her aim
A golden heart, may it always be the same.
Teaching us poetry is now her game
She is one of the kind, I proclaim

Known her not for long
A bond still prevails,quite strong
Justice to her wont be this song
A darling she is, that ain't wrong
Live life without a worry for the throng.


  1. "Justice to her wont be this song"
    I think you did justice to her Rashi...truly! as pretty as her name..surely yes! Its not just physical beauty, but her heart is also very beautiful...down to earth...always helping and that smile...I pray that it never fades!
    God Bless...


  2. Kewll Monorhmye! Worthy dedication to a deserving poet from anoda talented one! :)

  3. i could not comment last night.. u know why .. but it never can fade the love you people fill my heart with ... muuaahs !! thanks sweets :)

  4. ant Aarthi .. what have i done to get such nice words !! thanks dear ,...

  5. i like this style...i'm gonna write one soon

  6. hey sweety pie.. :) you are a gem and thank you so much for the dedication.. :P


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