March 4, 2009

The Rain!

droplets scattered
as rains sojourned across
making nature thrive

P.S. this is my first post on Haiku and i have no ideas if its a Haiku or not and if this poetry makes sense or that
right from time haiku was introduced i wanted to try it but couldn't try it as i just didn't understand how to go for it and didn't get a chance to ask anyone too

and Prats i sincerely apologize if this doesn't come in the category of Haiku...hope u could excuse me as a naivete...this is the best i could try but didn't get it only :-(

Looking forward to comments and suggestion so i am able to understand and write this form of Poetry


  1. Hey nabs.. the syllable count seems perfect for it being a haiku... that was really a good one too... Rain does make nature thrive... that was poetic too... What you've said seems just an understatement.

    And please do check out the various posts that prats had posted, they're more than enough for you to come with amazing works.

    But finally that was one good piece of writing.. ;)

  2. exactly Kings has said it all here.. :) prats' posts are perfect examples.. :)

  3. well me too a learner in case of Haiku...but enjoyed reading urs...keep the haiku fever on :D

  4. @ King thanks for such encouraging remarks and i hope i manage to learn more soon :)
    @kajal sure i will go through them again :)
    @U.B. thanks :)
    @gulshan i m glad u enjoyed it :)

  5. making nature thrive !! really nice imagery :)

  6. loved this one ... :)
    wen it comes to poetry style, i love haikus the most ... n i m so glad to read sooo many wonderful ones here !!

  7. n even if its not a haiku, i dnt care till i njy reading it.. so chill :)

  8. yeah, me too! concise. precise. brevity is beauty!

    Nabila :) keep writing :D

  9. Hey Nabila... Why do u always get self-critical.... ?? U r as good as everyone else here... :)

    This was simple yet so lovely..!!

    I dont know these rules of haiku... but as long as it expresses emotions, i surely enjoy it...


  10. @Prats ..thanks for liking....i just tried to make it look like a much i m succesful only a expert can know....but i m really glad u liked it :-)

    @Asbah thanks and surely i will keep writing :)

    @Arjun well i have to be self-critical when i m not sure of the poetry form i m attempting...and i m glad u enjoyed it ..thanks :-)

  11. nabi,
    its awesome.
    like prats said, i dont give a deuce if its haiku or not, the poem is absolootly sensational! :)


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