March 19, 2009

Purple's Personal Diary ( Teenage Reflections Of A Woman)

June 14, 2003
“Its weekend again, and am chumming. I hate this. How so much I wanted to club this Saturday night, but arrgh , this chums. Menstruation, why don’t guys get it. I mean, its me who has to menstruate, take up this pain for ages every month, and then it’s me only who will one day have to bear a child. Nine months in my tiny belly !! Arrggh And damn, that pain of delivery. And the funniest, mummy says its better to have a normal delivery, caesarian one is not advisable unless there’s something really wrong. You are a woman; you will be able to bear the pain. Everyone does. Damn! I hate being a woman. Periods and no clubbing! That’s all is about me being a woman.”

April 5, 2004
“Today Rohaan tried to smooch me. Though silently I have fantasized this many a times, and today it was just so perfect, but I spoilt it. Now I feel so angry on my own self. We were on the rocks, with this lovely silence surrounding us, and nothing but the deep sound of sea waves breaking the ice time and again, Rohaan was holding my hand. All of a sudden he kissed my hand, I realized his warm kiss. It felt so nice. And then , suddenly, he turned towards me, lifted my chin and drew his lips closer…… “Rohaan! What are you upto?” I burst out.”

March 23, 2004
“Mummy says, a good girl should always stay in her limits. Huh! I guess, it’ll take me a lifetime to understand what my limits are! But mummy seriously didn’t like it when I was drying my hair with the towel in front of my male friends. Vikram and Jack landed home all of a sudden. They wanted to meet me once before my vacations end and I go back to Mumbai. They are my school friends, and when they turned up, my hair were wet, I was just drying them with towel in front of them, and talking with them. I honestly didn’t have any intentions of wooing either of them. Damn, they are my friends.”

January 5, 2005
“My brother’s choice is weird. He asked me to pull off the white short umbrella skirt I was wearing and change to denims. He gave no explanations, he simply wanted me to change! Huh! I cross checked self in the mirror. All was fine, no panty lines were visible, nor was it too short. It just made me feel so good. But! I went out with him in Denims!!”

June 5, 2006
“ How so much I tried to convince ma’am that getting wet in the rains, there’s nothing wrong about it. If guys can, why can’t girls. Just because, its Saturday, and you are in your white uniform. That’s not done. But she didn’t agree, and she sent me home, and called up my mother too! Now mummy, she’s a missile. She shouted like anything. I don’t like it when she tries to gender rationalize this way. I mean, what’s wrong? It was raining in the recess time, and guys were getting wet, some were even playing football, but none of the girls were. I love rains, so I just freaked out under the lovely cool sky. It was bliss. Getting drenched is anytime being in heaven. But she shouted. You know why? Cause she is a mummy, and I am a daughter. I am not a son no!”

…… And Purple, closed her chest of teenage diaries. Today, at 50, she realizes what all she lost just cause of succumbing to the tag ‘woman’.
Hence, today, through WL, Purple wants to convey this message to every girl and woman out there.

Remember, you are first a human, then a woman and all other tags, Muslim, Indian and others, follow later.

This is your body. Use it just the way you want. Your body is the greatest instrument you can ever own in your teenage and in your 20s.

A smooch is just a smooch. Its supposed to make you feel good. There’s nothing wrong about the expressions of love. Don’t think much. By the time you’ll be 50, you might land up thinking, there’s a lot more you could have enjoyed than you did.

Live life like the way you want, regardless of what the world will think of you. In the end its all between you and God.

Learn to embrace your feminism. Learn to love the fact that you are a woman, and every month you chum because you hold the power to give birth to a whole new life dammit! Giving birth is no pain, it’s the most loveliest feeling, and many guys I have met, wished they could enjoy maternity instead of woman.

Lastly, your life, is your life. Whatever you do, remember, 20 years down the lane, you will be more disappointed with the things you couldn’t do , than the one’s you did.

And yeap, those pimples, nobody even notices them Go, enjoy, flirt, club and dance like a human, not like a woman!!

( Its my very first post at WL. I am so much thankful to Pretty Prats aka Pratibha, Kingsley ( though I like to call him John!) , and ofcourse the admin, Kajal, for finally inviting me. I am sure, people will like it. Afterall I write so good. SMILES :) )


  1. that's very good ilashree good thing came out of this is that
    u first humane
    after that other tags
    i liked it and ye women are special because god made them sepcial

    welcome to lounge i hope you will rock here with ur post ila can u call u illa instead of ilashree

  2. Welcome to WL, Ilashree!
    Nice post to start up with! Waiting for much more frm u! :)

  3. Welcome aboard Ilashree ;) , anytime :)

    Nice to have you here, yeah, stand up for being a human first, women or men, both are same. I totally agree with you on this. Thats how it should be, no gender based differentiation of what so ever.

    That was an enlightening first post,We all look forward to more of such ones. Do have fun in the lounge,its fascinating,amazing,inspiring,enlightening with views and perspectives.

    We have short stories, contests, poems and innovative attempts at writing new styles and what not :)

  4. And do check out the rules above ilashree :)

  5. Welcome Ilashree... *Hugs*

    A wonderful post to start with... Could relate to it completely...

    Waiting for many more from you!



  6. Go, enjoy, flirt, club and dance like a human, not like a woman!!


    wow !! i can never stop loving ur posts !! glad to wee you write here .. have fun !!

  7. I totally agree with you..there's lot more people can enjoy with life but they realize this only when they have lost the opportunities...and then the only thing left is regret and experience to share

  8. ilashree...welcome to WL...another talented writer arrives...n in what style! Dhamaakedaar entry...he he..translating that into english would take away its essence ;-)

    about the post...such a refreshing change...n such a read! you have humour...curiosity...confusion...questions...all covered up here...n the idea of using a dairy to convey across a gamut of emotions is a mindblowing idea! amazing debut at WL ila....

    N another thing i noticed was the time of posting...he he...just like i do...late in the night...that confirms one more are a certified nocturnal...let the lounge be your platform to experiment n have fun...cheers!

  9. Welcome! I so understand each of the moments narrated here... The struggle what you want and what you SHOULD want!

    Proud to be a woman.. Proud to be me!

  10. FRIENDS, WLs, and sisters and their brothers, am SOOOOO glad to be finally reading my post on WL..... and Ghosh, you guys actually reda up the whole, I mean , the WHOLE post..... and commented too!!

    I thought , its wayyyyyy too long, but love you guys ( and gals too !! )

    Chalo chalo, for this, free ((((((HUGS)))))) to all my sisters, and sweet **MUAAAAH** [kiss]to all their brothers ;)

    ( Can't help, there's so much of love in me that it vents itself in such 'generous' acts . hehe )

    Chirag, that's a lovely name you have :) And thanks so much for your comments, am glad that you liked my post :)

    And ((((( HUGS ))))) for considering women spcial, someday I would make you talk to my brother, please give him some brains too !! :P

    But, ouuh, please don't call me by 'ila' or so...... 'Ilashree' , its such a beautiful name, lets not rip it in 'ila' or 'shree' or something.... [DON'T LAUGH !!]

    ***** TWINKS *****

    Maverick, thanks to you too..... and is Maverick your pen name or your real one? I browsed through certain of your posts and thy are all tagged with 'Maverick' ...... can I know your real name please :)

    Or perhaps someone here at WL would like to leak it . hehe

  11. And hey, Kingsley, what do I say..... you are good yar !

    Thanks :)

    And ouuh, since if wouldn't be you, my post wouldn't have made it here..... so here comes a special, very special.....

    Garam- Garam MEETHI chai ;)

    And ouuh, the rules, I went through them almost twice when I wasn't even an official memeber, still, kehne ke liye keh deti hun, 'aapne kaha hai toh ek dafa aur dekh lungi !!'

    ** SMILES **

    Thankyou Aarthi, and yeap, you have a lovely name too :)

    We have such beautiul names in WL . :)


    Hey WLites, is Pretty Me and Pretty Prats one memeber with two different user names??

    If not, then, Pretty Me, thanks a ton for your comment. Am sure you would love my other posts too. Can I know your name Pretty Me ? :)

    And Pretty Prats , [[[[ARRRTGGHHH]]]]] where's your comment..... ? I expected you to be the first to comment !! hehe.... kidding ..... actually not !! Lol

    `` CHEERS ``

  12. Navchawla, good to know that wereason alike.... so I beleive you too would be somewhat the free spirited bindaas bandha like me ;)

    And the same question to you too, what's your name dearie ?

    **COLLAR UP**

    Sandeep ji..... shukriya, aapne to ek hi baar meiN itnii iZ.zat de di hai ki mujhe lagta hai ki ab mujhe agli dafa is umEed ko kaayam rakhana hoga...... aur Insha-Allah z.arur rakhungi bhi .....

    And you bet, am so much of a nocturnal creature..... but mummy says,
    "Early to bed, and early to rise blah blah....."

    But I say,

    "Late to bed, and late to rise makes your daughter a DHAMAAKEDAAR writer !!"

    Really, thanks a ton for apreciating my write-up.... Your comments are worth !! ( Aisa kehna padta hai, you are the admin after all!! hehe )

    ** Muuuuaaah **

  13. Hey R.V ..... I am glad that you like the post too ..... thanks dearie......

    And hey, since am so new here, would you please tell me your name too :)

    * ENJOY *

    h ..... that's just one letter..... 'h'

    H stands for ......

    honesty..... so I beleive your comment is pretty honest..... thanks ! :)

    And what's the extension of h? I mean, what's your name Jaana ?

  14. Hey there...

    I remember u commenting on my golu-bhondu story!!!

    Welcome to WL!

    Rocking debut, I must say!

    Bravo gurl... u just made me feel proud of being myself!

    Can't wait to hear more from you!


  15. WOW ilashree!!!!! You write really well, its evident from your post here and your blog too... and that to long ones at that are frank,outright and meaningfull..... btw the same wit commments tooo....heheh.... gr8 goin da.... have fun...

  16. Hey ,
    Welcome to the Writers Lounge family.
    A great post for a debutant....amazing....we aren't surprised as we r a bunch of talents and nw another feather.......

    abt ur post ...woaaaa my fellow loungers have left me no words......a feminist post and yeah all those moments and read those last few lines.....beautiful

    "Go, enjoy, flirt, club and dance like a human, not like a woman!!"


    *pats on ur back*


  17. and yeah

    do be remain active on our lounge....i bet u wud like this place for sure...

    we read.we write.we lounge

  18. i read through the posts and then the comments and everything that i wanted to say has already been said...

    i am so proud to have invited you to join! :)
    happy lounging dearie ..

    about the post i join Sandeep in calling it a dhamakedaar post!! :)

  19. Welcome to WL girl :) And really, it is a dhamaakedaar entry! Keep blogging!


  20. hey dearie .. its me whom you were looking for .. Pretty Prats is jsut another name for me !! If its Pretty, its me ;) !! so now you see, i did read it as soon as i came to lounge and commented too !!

  21. Another Welcome to WL Ilashree.. :)
    How many have u got already?? :P

    U know, if there was something or someone missing in Wl.. It's ppl like u... or posts like this.. :)

    Abt the post, i totally get ur point.... :)


  22. my fellow loungers have left me no words girl...This is one of the best feminist posts i have ever read !!

    would love to read from u more..
    keep writing!!

  23. yeah i agree, whatta post man :D

    and what comments and reply to them by you lol

    and seconding everyone up there, i hope you write more!

    and how important it is to be modest? or is it important at all? is a personal choice. I'd rathen not stuck my nose in it.

    ps. I liked ur honesty! and wondered if its alrigt to be blunt? or rebel, are there only these two ways available?


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