March 30, 2009

Monday Delight with Sandeep Balan...

Interviewee: Sandeep Balan
Interview date: 27th Mar ch.,2009

Interview time: 10.32 pm - 1: 47 am

Start Time: 10:32 pm
Admin: hello dear member
shall we start
wait wait i forgot my track pants!
Admin: why do you need a track pants
Sandeep:this is the 100 m dash right?
Admin: no no it isnt
guess ur here for an interview mr balan :P
Sandeep:why is the "mumbai half marathon" mentioned out there!!
Sandeep:he he...lets start oooo great admin

Admin: tell me more about yourself
Sandeep:all yours! how much do you know? will add the rest
Admin: well i just know that u r one of the founder of WL
Sandeep:What kind of an admin are you??
Admin: oh nw u fighting with an admin
Sandeep:you only know this much about a founder member...!! shame shame puppy shame
he he...well...
Admin: sir,we r here for an interview
Sandeep:sandeep balan... a mallu...from god's own country, devil's own backyard!
I have been a nomad throughout my life. That has helped me experience a lot of varied cultures. Dad was in a transferable jo. Was born n brought up in mumbai. Have stayed in mumbai assam pune gujarat delhi rajasthan n now back to mumbai. Kerala is my haunt during vacations
Sandeep:yaa...same here! a tad disappointed you that you dont know much about this founder...tell me your name? how dare you became an admin?? he he he
Admin: how dare u ask my name?

Sandeep:what to do admin...i am blessed with such lil knowledge that had to start writers lounge...
acts like an extension to my brain...
Admin: oh i see
Sandeep:writers lounge is like my ventilator!
Admin: lol nice metaphor like ur ventilators :)

Sandeep:;-) metaphor? what is tht? ;-)
Admin: go and learn figure of speech
Sandeep:had i known what a metaphor was, i would have been in england
Admin: 7th std english grammar
Sandeep:i might have skipped that chapter!
Admin: oh yeah poor english ppl had to suffer... nw we r suffering in india coz of u we poor indians
Sandeep:takes a mental note of borrowing 7th std grammar books from neighbourhood kid
Admin: tell us more abt ur trsyt with yem bee aaye?
Sandeep:indians are the richest in the world coz of their rich traditions n culture

Admin: tell us more abt ur trsyt with yem bee aaye?
Sandeep: I have never planned anything in life everything just shaped itself...on my part..i have just made sure that i live every second kingsize...because life does not give you a second chance
Admin: oh yeah thats true though
Sandeep:and you dont wish to look back after 30 years and sigh that you could have enjoyed so much...had you done this...had you done that...had you decided on this...had you decided on that...
Admin: living life at its best
Sandeep:so after boards...i ended up taking electronics engineering...doing what a normal kid would...following others...i think my next statement would change your opinion...
Admin: hmm how tell me
Sandeep:i realized that i had got into the wrong stream..he he...every circuit was a never excited me much...i never had this thing for technical...MBA was a way to escape this hard core technical stuff...
Sandeep:apart from the spelling "E-L-E-E-C-T-H-R-N-O-C-I-C-H-S" ...i never learnt anything in those four years...had great difficulty in grasping this spelling as well but am glad that i would...that was one great achievement after 4 years
Admin: oh so u dont knw anything abt jfet,cmos, circuit designing etc so i sense u must have flunked several times
Sandeep:then CAT happened...just like that... life is too short to take mental notes of the subjects you flunk in
Admin: well thats life
Sandeep:you seem to know a lot about circuits...enjoy life admin...cmos n jfets are not going to come to your rescue in your deathbed ;-)
Admin: i know but thats wht engineering has to teach u knw jfets and all r not gonna help u in future but we have to study such useless things
Sandeep:it is the moments that you have lived that are going to make you feel that you atleast came close to "living" life
Admin: yes yes true agreed
Sandeep:see..."study" is a very inappropriate term using that you are giving me an indication tht you are not loving what you are doing...when you "learn"...that is when you enjoy things...that is when you enjoy a course...listen to your heart...dont follow the crowd...follow your heart...

Admin: what will u do if u come to know that u are going to die tommorow?
Sandeep: I will sleep
Admin: sleep till u die ehh
Sandeep:I will sleep over it ya...if that's the cant change it... so why frown...why get tense...
Admin: yes yes
Sandeep:why miss out on those dreams that mind plays in its theatre every single night
Admin: but my question is wud u regret if u die tmrw
as ur just 25
Sandeep:so i will sleep... I wont regret dying
Admin: thats the spirit
Sandeep:I have never made any enemies in my life...I am surrounded with friends...friends who care...friends who may go to any lengths for a smile
and i have enjoyed every moment of the past 25 years of mine...smiling and making others
smile...when you have gifted smiles to is a divine feel blessed...

Admin: do u believe in the concept of hell and heaven?
Sandeep:I dont
I beleive in the power of the human mind to transform hell into heaven
I believe in the power of "self-belief"
I believe in the power of "love"
I believe in the power of "trust"
Admin: interesting reply a diff spectrum
Sandeep:hell is just the surroundings...till you dont wont make a difference...
hell is within you...
Admin: yes yes its ur thoughts
Sandeep:not outside
Admin: whtever u think

Admin: u and ste fight quite often and it has happen many times....the leg pulling business that u both do?? what is ur take abt it?
Sandeep:I love him the most That should answer your question
Admin: he has been the worst and has tried every spoof on u the malan being the popular
have u ever tried writing spoof series on him
Sandeep:I take it sportingly...I feel the biggest quality one can possess is the ability to laugh on himself/herself
ste somewhere lacks in this quality...but we are all humans...we learn...he is learning...and i am proud of what he is slowly transforming into...
Admin: thats nice and whts ur role in this transformation
Sandeep:My role...
Admin: yes
Sandeep:I just provide the platform :-)
Admin: oh yes the stepMAN..... being the one :p
Sandeep:he he...Things like that keep things light...we need some stress busters at the end of the day!there are only a handful of people who attempt humour...i believe its the toughest job to make people laugh at your jokes..its very easy to put across your emotions...but to cook something up which has people in splits...its damn tough!

Admin: one day if u find urself being lost in a crowd of around 20 million ppl and u find that u have lost all ur closed relations and best buddies in this event.What will u do?
Sandeep:I know that those who matter to me will find me no matter where i am lost
Admin: name few of them if u dont mind
Sandeep:I make lifetime relations
and if they cant find me when i am lost...the relation was never strong :-)
Sandeep:but i am sure they would...coz they have been handpicked :-) brother angel sibling mirror image lil poet headstrong boss partner in crime
tan...the guiding light
prats...the teacher
nan...the traditions whizkid
mav...god gifted poet
leo....the rhyme god
kings...the sweetest one and you will have to face the wrath of all those who could not figure in that list coz of you!! he he he

Admin: we have heard about your virtual girlfriend Richa...could you enlighten us more about Richa... is it real or just a fiction
Sandeep: ha ha ha...had written a story "Yesterday, Today & Tomm" for the first contest here at WL...we had got an overwhelming response for it...only me and asbah submitted our stories :)
there richa was one of the protagonists opposite me...
it was just a figement of my imagination...but ste seemed to have fallen in love with this virual character because he And i cant get to make him believe that it was just fiction :-)
Admin: oh is it
oh just mesmerized poor ste by introducing richa
Admin: poor he
Sandeep:only ste can call himself "poor ste" hi ste :-)
Admin: hehehe btw i am not ste Sandeep:no probs :-)

Admin: there has been cases where u wre busy with ur work loads and assignments and at times u missed lounge? have u ever missed lounge
Sandeep:I do understand the importance of what i have created...I do understand the importance of being able to live...I do understand the importance of being able to breathe...I do understand the importance of being able to inspire....I do understand what "Writers Lounge" means for me
Admin: yes yes
its our family
Sandeep:And if you think i am not close to the lounge...I think people who know me will chip in for me
Admin: and we represnt a unique hub of class writers and poets we do have ppl who get inspired and inspire others thru their wrk

Admin: were u ever caught seeing porn movies? and please explain the scenario?
Sandeep:ha ha ha ha ha ha...
Admin: ;)we need honest answers
Sandeep:I have to tell you this hilarious one.. there was this hall a stone throw away from our engg. college
Admin: we wud like to knw it
Sandeep:which to spur up its collections had fallen back to third grade movies...The sleazy hindi ones...ha ha ha...
Admin: hehe
Sandeep:4-5 of us went to watch a show of "Kamasundari"...
Admin: wht was it ?
Sandeep:i still wonder why it was not India's entry for the oscars!!
Admin: hehe why
Sandeep:the fun started when the movie ended
Admin: what was in that movie wud u like to tell us
Sandeep:It was a devotional movie ....showing a man's devotion towards women
Admin: hahaha
Sandeep:when we were through with the movie... we all came out of the hall... there were hardly 11-12 of us who were in the hall... so it was pretty easy to sight our gang...three lady lecturers were walking back to their homes from the opposite end and we walked straight out of the hall... to land bang in front of them... speechless!! I dont know how we still managed to wish them "good evening"
Admin: well i shud ask " is this real or a story?"heard that u r good in making stories
Sandeep: this is real...three of that gang went on to do their PG
Sandeep:It was the story of a man's devotion towards a woman i was in tears at the end of it...
Admin: hmm
Sandeep:no..i dont...but you can watch emotional devotional movies like i did

Admin: name the cylinder whose raduis is "z" units and height is " a" units? answer this now
Sandeep: neha venkatesh
Admin: explain how explain
Sandeep:her radius=her height z=a
Admin: ok ok but right answer is "Pizza"
Sandeep:my answer is right then
Admin: how
Admin: and abt that cyinder question ... wht do u think abt neha's reaction
Sandeep:neha will think about the molecular reactions that will go in her brain
Admin: and wht if she gets annoyed
Sandeep:she will be too occupied with that to react!
Admin: oh yeah
Sandeep:annoyed...that may be a result of the molecular reaction as well...blame the molecules..simple

Admin: what is the religious unit in electrical engineering ?
Sandeep:Om kapoor from om shanti om
Admin: hehe its Ohm
Sandeep:congrats admin
Admin: thanks
Sandeep:aap jeet gaye ste ke saath ek date
Admin: hehe ste ke saath kyun
Sandeep:he is the dude of our lounge
Admin: lol

(after few minutes)
Sandeep:are you sleeping...or chatting with girls/boys?nexshtttttt questionnnnn pljjj
pours water
Admin: yes..what will you do if one day you get transformed into a female?
Sandeep:I would wish had sandeep been here ;-)

Admin: who is ur favourite cricketer and why?
Sandeep:my fav. cricketer is sachin tendulkar why....aila! I dont know. Aila!
Admin: one word for Asbah??? just one word
Sandeep:Asbah her name has everything!!i am a mortal to add anything more to it!
a mere mortal

Admin: is golu - bhondu series inspired from ur real life? is golu - bhondu series inspired from ur real life?
Sandeep:it inspires me...every single moment... its like magic its an ideal real life a life which is like a fairytale...I would want my life to be exactly the way golu-bhondu live there is so much love in there! there is so much care in there! It is like...two true souls...comforting and loving each other...till their grave..

Admin: tell me one good thing and bad thing about Ste? and u relate him to which cartoon character
Sandeep:I dont have to relate him to any cartoon character...he is well above all the known ones
Admin: like
Sandeep:well...hmmm...he is "tom" n i am "jerry" ;-)
Admin: hehehe funny

Admin: "what is neha to you and wht does priyanka means to you?"
Sandeep:neha is a good friend....a headstrong friend...who will fiercely protect you from enemies...i am safe with her as the wall...priyanka is my sibling...she is the lil one whom i love to take care every single step of hers

Admin: if u are allowed to select two people to space adventure journey...who cud it be... 2 me members from lounge
Sandeep:asbah n kajal... i wont take ste coz in the midst of our fight i may throw him into the cyberspace and regret at losing him forever
Admin: thats bad of u hehe
Sandeep:or he will jump out of the spaceship to catch one of those twinkling stars
Admin: hehe
Sandeep:so he is safe on earth
Admin: very funny sandeep
Sandeep:asbah...coz of her ability to describe the beauty of space when we come back to the lounge
kajal...coz we can explore the golu bhondu story continuation in outer space as sans boundaries of time n space :-)
Admin: hehe

Admin: if u cud select ur one best frnd from lounge ...who cud it be and why ? in arms where will i rest my arm if he is not near
Admin: ahh brother sentiments

Admin: what is an ideal weekend for u like?

Admin: Do you blog to breathe or breathe to blog
Sandeep:Blog is the inhaler I use to clean up my choked nose called "life". This choke can be defined as "struggles" which can only be decimated when you use a support system. Blog for me becomes that. Ensuring that i breathe freely. Everytime!

Admin:where is the rat hiding ,when the cat is still searching for it??
Sandeep:The rat was searching for the cat. Thats how life is. A never ending search. Things are never hiding from you, they are searching for you all the while. All that is required is a stroke of luck and some efforts. Depending on who puts in what, the rat may end up hiding in the cats belly or the cat may decide to abandon its search. Right now, i have a strong intuition that the rat is hiding is Ste's pocket. He is playing the "luck" trying to alter the "fate" of the rat!

Admin: if u cud say those 3 magical word of 'i love u "to some girl from lounge?who cud it be?
Sandeep:It will be kajal
Admin: why so
Sandeep:she is the purest form i have ever come across in the virtual world..
you can actually see her soul in her writes and its pure...its ture...its out of this world..and when she co-writes the golu-bhondu with me...its like magic!
Admin: touch touch:)
Sandeep: And i have proposed her a thousand times in every post out there...ha ha ha...
Admin: hahah indirectly ehh
Sandeep: was golu proposing bhondu...we were just the mediums
Sandeep: but you tend to see the soul of the other person in the process and hers is of the purest nature..
It is good to wonder...Thats all we can do :-)

Admin: "We have seen the comic side of you. We've also seen the thinker and preacher in you. Tell us how much of each the real Sandeep is. select one 50:50, 30:70, 95:5?"
Sandeep: its 95:5 but the 5 overshadows the 95...thats what others say :-)
Admin: hehe good one

Admin: "A stitch in time saves 9" which is a very popular proverb ....wht wud a stitch after 9 hours save?
Sandeep: the thread coz there wont be any need for the stitch after 9 hours!!
Admin: oh yes kewl reply
Sandeep: mirinda effect...pagalpanti bhi zaroori hain
Admin: hehehe

Admin:"A man may die,nations may rise and fall,but an idea lives.Idea have endurance without life" was said by John kennedy.whats ur take on this?
Sandeep: What an Idea!
Admin: seems like u and the word idea have a strong bonding:)
Sandeep: Yeh fevicol ka mazboot jhod hain...kabhi bhi toot sakta hain :-)

Admin: few people treat u as the big brother of writers lounge ..what u have to say abt this?especially few girls:) as a support structure for them why is this ?
Sandeep: why girls? why go for the older brother when you have the younger brother ste?
Admin: oh yeah ste may be theyounger brother....but they consider "you" as the older brother... :-) because ste is the younger brother
Admin: oh yeah
Sandeep: and they recognize me as his brother and i am older and hence sandeep=older brother simble saar
Admin: so u proudly accept the big brother tag for all girls in lounge is it?
Sandeep: all those whom ste considers his sister and vice versa...yes
Admin: hehe why do u address him in this question hehe
Sandeep: coz i know that after applying this filter there would be no girl left in the list :-)
Admin: hehehe why ste has few sisters or wht hehehe funny you
Sandeep: exactly...intelligent you
Admin: hehe

Admin: in a micro humour post today that neha posted "voh meri hai?" is it the real life convo between u and ste where u talk about girls
Sandeep: ha ha ha ha...i would like to ask...what do you think?
Admin: well i am the 3rd person u say is it real?
Sandeep: was not was Drew Barrymore...Ste said that she is a distant cousin of her n i was staking my claim as his brother :-)

Admin: who is indira gandhi?
Sandeep: she is the grandmother of someone from our lounge. No?
Admin: is it whoz granny is she lol
Sandeep: mujhe pata hota toh main aaj england main hota
Sandeep: i am very weak with general knowledge...i will try this question only in kaun barega crorepati

Admin: lets see what members have to ask you
kings asks "How do you manage your busy work schedule as an yembeeyae professional + life +t blogging and then foremost as one of the founder of WL - updating your personal blog, reading ,commenting and suggesting your views and managing the lounge as one of the admin?"
Sandeep: this defines life for me...
and if you are not busy with your life...what did you live?
Admin: chirag wants to ask"aap nashte mein kya khaate ho ...itne ideas aate hai aapke dimag mein .."
Sandeep: nashta nahi khaate...empty stomach is devil's workshop

Admin: kajal asks "5 things you expect in sme 1 who could be your soulmate"
Sandeep: 1) Beautiful eyes...coz eyes are the windows to ones soul...And i would love to see me when you look in those eyes..coz i think when you are soulmates your soul become one
2) Caring nature...She would understand me and know when i need her...without my saying a word
Admin: hmm
3) Love...Showering me with her unadulterated love 24x7...
Sandeep: 4) Being "Herself"....when she is with you..she is "herself" force can then break this bond!
5) Being "Mad"...i am a total soulmate would be the pagli!

Admin: Ste wants to ask "what was ur life like before meeting ste,priyanka,neha,asbah,mona and many others from lounge?"
Sandeep: I was not living :-) it was something else :-)
Admin: oh yeah so wht "else" r u talking abt
Sandeep: I was "Liv" before meeting them...they added the "ing" factor
Admin: hmm

Admin: insiya asks " what is malan all about?"
Sandeep: malan is everything i am i will die a peaceful man...been there..done that...all thanks to the creator of malan...chota ste :-)
Admin: prats asks " is malan inspired by your real life?"
Sandeep: i think i have answered that above
prats ka question waste...sorry prats!
Admin: prats asks "your proudest moment on WL"
she asked another one for u
Sandeep: he he he he...
the day we launched our first contest...and our chests swelled at the response...two from from asbah...
ofcourse the chest has deflated quite a bit with no more does with such less participation nowadays :-) :-) :-) :-) asbah..haina?lets unjinx them islexxx...what say?
Admin: hehe
Sandeep: answer prats first question...
malan + malan = balan...two negatives make up one positive...two malan posts may come near to what balan really is...he he he
Admin: hahaha funny

Admin: chronic writer asks " who is real sandeep balan? wht kinda characters make real sandeep?
Sandeep: the real sandeep balan is in the "sand" of sandeep and "bal" of balan sand is are bal (hairs)...they form the real sandeep balan...
Admin: lol nice
Sandeep: ingredients for making sandeep balan: 1 kg cartoon characters...500 gms philosophers...2kg jokers...200 gms sentiments...700 gms fun
heat it on a medium flame...stir while heating
Admin: lol

Admin: neha asks "You have written a lot about love and philosophy. Do you yourself believe in true love at first sight? Or do you think true love takes time, meetings, getting to know and understand each other for it to grow in the hearts of 2 people?"
Sandeep: there is no definition to true love. No one knows what is true love. There is no explanation anywhere given that defines "true love" for you. It is what you think and like to believe. I have never seen a couple when they are in love fall short of branding it as "true love". And then they break up. But that does not mean that "true love" is non existent. It is like a flower which blooms in a desert. You dont know what caused it to bloom despite the unfavourable circumstances. It turns out to be the one drop of rain that found its way to make the flower bloom. The flower knows when it does the rain drop realize that it has been the reason for the flower to bloom. Its the knowledge. The acknowledgement. The understanding. You know. You dont have to force fit true love into the scheme of things. If it is, you will know. You feel the difference

Admin: asbah says "pick one for yourself: 1) Ayyaar 2) Ayaash 3) Badmash"
Sandeep: the third one :-)

Admin: rash asks "where is your party on 30th march?"
Sandeep: Where am I? Who am I? Who are you? Is this London?
Admin: heheh don't act seriously she wants to knw
Sandeep: seriously lets all pray for world peace on 30th of march and fast

Admin:ste asks "what does Ste means to you?"
Sandeep:Ste personifies "care" and "love" for me. The things he does for you. The way he makes you feel special. The way he gets on to your nerves (he he..but i love it all). The way he comes up with new ideas. Ste means "Writers Lounge" for me. Need i say anything more?

Admin:what about the sandeep balan award for excellence in writing??enlighten us more about it ?
Sandeep: Ha ha ha ha. That's Ste's way of showing that he cares. His way of gifting smiles to loungers, using me as the medium. I am game though. Though i am a novice myself and cant start of a self pompous award just like that, when ste declared it i thought we could use this in a fun way to recognize talent at our lounge. Ste makes me remind of "Dadasaheb Phalke Awards" every time i read the name of the award he has suggested! Phew....

Admin:wht does the logo in sandeep balan excellence award indicate?it shows a man popping out from a trophy...who is it and why is he doing this?
Sandeep: Thats me! Ste has once again raided my orkut album to steal one of the pics to make this badge. he he. I think Ste wants to convey the message...You may not like him. You may not know him...But you cant ignore him. ;-) ;-)

Admin: what do you think about the decorations at the lounge for ur bday?
Sandeep: i am speechless...touched...honoured...this is the best anyone has done for my bday ever!!the whole lounge celebrating..i cud not have asked for more!when we started off this place long back...i had no clue birthdays wud become so hug... I love you, asbah n ste for being the catalysts for this wonderful place huddle with ste and asbah
Admin: whts their contribution in lounge development? whats their role
Sandeep: i have always been of the belief...a blog is your alter ego...its what you are...its your feelings...your it invariably ends up as being you....the virtual you..."The Writers Lounge" is sacrosanct......bubbling with
Sandeep: this is because of the qualities ste and asbah possess which translated into the lounge had the foundation not been strong....this beautiful place wud have long been dead
Admin: yes yes and its still growing
Sandeep: each new member has added a new dimension to our blog but the core values remain intact...ste asbah n me define those core values...which will forever be cherished...
Sandeep: was like the coming together of three seperate individuals...who were so different...yet had so much in common...and their had all the traits of these three...the traits which make these three what they are...which makes the lounge what it is......

Admin: what are your future plans for WL as blogger supports just 100 members ? and are you working for it?
Sandeep: my naughtiness was injected to the lounge back then!! he he he he...
There are plans in need to fear...whats life without surprises? And we are best at surprising...Right asbah? Right ste?Ssshhhhhhhhh

Admin: hahaha waiting for your surprise for WL family
what do you think about this interview? and the interviewer?
Sandeep: Since micro-humour is the flavour of the month...people wont be used to this marathon-humour...fears some hospital cases!and the

Admin: before leaving ...wht is ur message fr ste and asbah?
Sandeep: Ste: Your ordeal is not over. Till my grave....Asbah: Jinxed. Jinxed. Jinxed. Stay the way you are. Till my last breath

Admin: your message for loungers
Sandeep: We inspire...We intoxicate...We create magic... "T-O-G-E-T-H-E-R"even a letter missing would end the spell..... thanks for joining us in this journey to neverland.....and thanks for accepting our request to join our family.....Love you all....Each one of you! The lounge is nothing without you all. You make it what it is! Keep rocking. Keep smiling. F or life is too short. Gooooooooooo Get It!
Admin: nice
good night sir..have a great sleep bye
Sandeep: My night has just begun...Mr. nocturnal :-)
gd nite

End Time : 1:47am

Next Monday Delight with Stephen
Co founder of Writers Lounge.

Happy birthday Sandeep.

Question courtesy :Ste,Leo,Kings,Neha,Asbah,Insiya,Prats and Kajal.


  1. Hey sandeep .. have a great birthday ! my best wishes to you . And that was a way too long and way too lolz interview !!! I can actually relate myself to you a lot in real life especially considering the nomadic life and struggle with Electronics :)

    Have a blast !

  2. Yet another confirmation :-o
    People who are successful had no interest for their undergraduate degree :P :P :P
    *traditions whizkid * ? :P
    he h e*HONORED*

    @ admin
    kewl work yet again ;)

  3. @ Sandy

    Your headstrong boss eh? Wait for my orders now.. or I'll fire you... pink slip!

    Dude, by definition, cylinder ka radius is less than its height. They can never be the same... otherwise it will become a sphere. And ste, a pizza is so NOT a cylinder! tum dono ko geometry tuitions ki sakht zarurat hai...

    @ Sandy

    Protective eh? yeah, i agree i am protective... about my lil sis, about ste, about u, about pinks, about everyone i care deeply for. Isn't that good? ;)

    One birthday MH post comin up trow... unfortunately my modem's conked off... but dont worry... u have a few big surprises in store!!!

    Enjoy maadi!

  4. Kewllll interview, Sandeep! thoroughly njoyed!

    *Gosh* u mentioned me and gave me such a big adjective! I feel so honoured! TY! :)

  5. thoroughly enjoyed reading this one... interviewer ka talent bhi clearly visible hai..:)

  6. *faints*

    will comment when re-gian conscious :P

  7. Superb as always... that was dhamakedhaar interview by de admin as well...


    no words to say, keep continuing the good work :D


  8. Happy Birthday Sandeep

    Wish you happiness and more happiness ... Cheers!!!

  9. wat to say !! I have NEVER enjoyed a post more !! it was THE BEST yet !! loved it ..
    eavery word even if hilarious was so much steepd in sensibility !!! Way to go !!

  10. typical Balan interview.....

    Looking forward for the next one...

  11. I was missing TWL and came back to read this... and it all running back to you.. damn! miss you guys oh so much.. and Balan!! Golu!!! You are the best! You know that. Right?


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