March 16, 2009

Madness & Love

## Got this forward in my mail today. After reading the whole story, it felt great to be enlightened that I am not the only crazy one around! ;-)

A long time ago, before the world was created and humans set foot on it, God had put all the human "qualities" in a separate room. Since all the qualities were bored they decided to play hide & seek. "Madness" was one of the qualities and he shouted: "I want to count, I want to count!" And since nobody was crazy enough to want to seek "Madness", all the other qualities agreed. So "Madness" leaned against a tree and started to count: One, two, three..." As "Madness" counted, the qualities went hiding. "Reason" hid in a pile of garbage.. "Lie " said that it would hide under a stone, but hid at the bottom of the lake. And Madness continued to count "... seventy nine, eighty, eighty one..." By this time, all the qualities were already hidden-except "Love ". For stupid as "Love " is, he could not decide where to hide. And this should not surprise us, because we all know how difficult it is to hide "Love". "Madness": "...ninety five, ninety six, ninety seven..." Just when "Madness" got to one hundred..... ....."Love" jumped into a rose bush where he hid. And Madness turned around and shouted: "I'm coming, I'm coming!" As Madness turned around, "Laziness" was the first to be found, because "Laziness" was too lazy to hide. "Madness" searched madly and found "Lie" at the bottom of the lake. One by one, Madness found them all - except Love. Madness was getting desperate, unable to find Love. Envious of Love, "Envy" whispered to "Madness ": "You only need to find Love, and Love is hiding in the rose bush." "Madness" Jumped on the rose bush and he heard loud cry. The thorns in the bush had pierced "Loves" eyes. Hearing the commotion God came into the room and saw what had happened. He got very angry and cursed "Madness" and said since "Love" has become blind because of you... ..You shall always be with him" And so it came about that from that day on, Love is blind and is always accompanied by Madness.!


  1. oh god it is just so!! what can you say?

    lie lied!
    reason beneath/behind garbage!
    love couldnt hide!
    and now its blind!

    I love intensity in everything, and most importantly - love!
    Thats my madness :)

  2. oh first to post :D yaaay :D
    and that too, at guru's ;)
    super cool :D

  3. :D :D :D
    A no-nonsense post :P
    Liked it to the core :D

  4. :)
    Love is blind and is always accompanied by Madness.!
    Good one !!

  5. Yea...I also received it as a forward! Its so true...Love is always accompanied by madness. No one knew why...and there is the answer to!



  6. Eternally Beautiful.!
    I am glad that I read it,so patiently..
    Thanks for sharing this.

  7. this post makes me love myself and my friends all the more !! read it so many times but i still smile after reading it :)

  8. now i know why love is blind

    thx for sharing this forward with us sandeep

  9. my favorite definition of love is wat you brought out here, sandeep..

    hugs to you.. :)


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