March 18, 2009

Kya mere dost hai kahi?

My musings over a very obvious fact, just represented them in a poetic form because I'd never done that before. I think the Hindi version is better, but do let me know what you think of it.

Hindi Version:

Sharaab ke pyaale mein jaankha meine,
Kya mere dost hai kahi?

Raat ke sannate mein chikhta hoon mein,
Kya mere dost hai kahi?

Din ke bheed se puchta hoon mein,
Kya mere dost hai kahi?

Melo ki rangeeniyo mein dhoondta hoon,
Kya mere dost hai kahi?

Chai ke cutting se kaha, jaga mujhe,
Kya mere dost hai kahi?

Tyohaaron ki khushiya mein sochta hoon mein,
Kya mere dost hai kahi?

Har taraf, bas ek hi jawaab,
"Hai tere dost kahi nahin..
Kahi nahin, kahi nahin,...
Aaj na tumhe dost milenge na dushman,
Bas maas aur haddi ke putle hai har kahin,
Khushiyon ke chand moko ke liye,
Dost ko nahi, karm ki soche,
Zamana hai karmayogi ka,
Safalta agar tumhaare tan se lipaki hogi,
To tumhaare dost har kahi..
Lekin agar safalta nahi hai tumhaare paas,
To tumhaare dost kahi nahin.. kahi nahin.. kahi nahin.."

I gazed into a glass of whiskey,
Where are my friends?

I scream in the calmness of the night,
Where are my friends?

In the crowd of the day, I ask,
Where are my friends?

In the colourful fairs, I seek,
Where are my friends?

To a cup of tea, I pleaded, wake me up,
Where are my friends?

In the happiness of the festivals, I wonder,
Where are my friends?

I get the same answer:
"Your friends are nowhere
In fact you have no friends..
You will only find statues of flesh and bones,
The times are for the successful,
Only the successful have friends,
And if you are not,
You won't have any.."


  1. I wanted to comment here, but then ... there was something more that I wanted to say ... I said that! Please check and let me know if you liked it ...

    ... all yours, mate :)

  2. I wonder why there are no comments in this post except that of Tan's. So veracious that I could relate to this :)

  3. Nice poem. But something strange happened to me while reading it.

    I continuously heard the voice of dubbing artist Darpan Mehta reciting these lines to me, like an advertisement for something... I know it is stupid but now I have this vision in my head. :P

    But hey, great great work, and the Hindi version is better than the English one!

  4. @ Satan's Darlin:

    Are you a Gujju?? I'm a Surti..

  5. hmmm acchi hai but
    Kya mere dost hai kahi? is lline ko agar kuch change kare to jyada accha lagega

    Kya mere dost hai yaha?

    sorry yaar agar meri bat pasand na aaye to bata dena

    and end me poem apani raah se bhatak gayi hai...

    baki sabse badhia baat poem me jo sandesh dena chaha hai vo kafi accha hai

  6. Karmasura,

    No! I am a Maharashtrian :P But Darpan Mehta is an ex student from my college :)

  7. @ Satan's Darling..


    @ Chirag..

    Thanks for the critique.. will help me improve my style.

    Are you a hindi prof? Have seen you write excellent hindi before on this very blog.

  8. mayre dost hain kahan ? !!

    i liked the english version more though!

  9. @karmasura
    iam not a hindi prof
    iam an engg student
    and ye to bhagwan ka ashirwad hai ke me hindi me kavitaye likhane me saksham hu

  10. tells us about the big bad world outside.. :(
    sad and true.. !!


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