March 10, 2009

Kiss revisited

Continued for here..

From the director's view..

When Sukanya was telling what had actually happened, I didn't know how to react. Should I give her in? Should I protect her? After all I don't know why but she reminded me so much of my late wife. She was pregnant. How can I let the child pay for what his parents had done? It wasn't the child's fault that it had a cheating father and a murderer for a mother..

Me: Sukanya, keep this to yourself. I will handle everything. You will not tell anyone about this. Understand? Not a word. You didn't do anything.

Sukanya: But sir...

Me: No but. Just go.. Go to your van and don't talk to anyone till I tell you to. Ok?

Sukanya leaves.

Me: Boys, why he is Stephenji not getting up. Go check. Jaldi karo.

Everyone around rushes to check on Mr. Stephen Kapoor. A zillion thoughts running in my mind. The thing fame does to you. A small time boy from a small village. A true rag to riches story and now meets with a drastic twist.

Police come. Investigations on. Noone find anything. The gun is an unregistered one. I made sure of that. A little money here and a little money there and everything was taken care of. Noone suspected Sukanya. I made sure of that too. 

But now, she was pregnant. I met her at a coffee house. The same place where I met her first and had decided to sign her for the movie.

Sukanya: Sir, I'm thinking I will leave the country and go. I can't live here. People will never let me or my child live without a father's name. I feel so helpless.

Me: I think you should stay.

Sukanya: I don't think I can. 

Me: Marry me. 

Sukanya: WHAT? 

Me: I want nothing from you. I expect nothing. Just I can't the child suffer what he didn't do. It just isn't fair.

Sukanya: But..

Me: It is just for the child. Think about it. And let me know. Otherwise, I will get your tickets and visa done. 

I get up. Leave some money on the table. Kiss on the forehead and leave.

I walk out of the place with Sukanya left there thinking, " Does this kiss mean anything?"

I didn't re-read this fearing that I would change my mind and not post it.. So sorry for the melodrama.. :P and yes, you may slap me when you meet me for this :P


  1. i will kiss you on the forehead for this wonderful write .. you gave kiss a new dimension today !! kudos raash !!

  2. hey rash..nice try and say what... it kinda really connected well... but how come a superstar like ste kapur's murder will so simply be laid off for that matter... thats the first question that comes to my mind... for the continuation sake...its kinda a new angle to the whole story... but like in the movies..its kinda illogical ..because why would such a big director just act on emotions...that too so kindly by thinking about the unrborn child... mostly anyone would have acted in saving sukanya...but would have other plans in mind...exploitation is what comes first in my mind.

    all in all..enjoyed reading the write..chain posting seems quite interesting ;)

  3. Wow Kings, we are really pessimistic, arent we? Well do you remember Divya Bharati's case? What happened? Famous actress fell to her death.. No questions asked.. It happens.. Money talks, darling! It does.. Anything can be suppressed..

    Regarding exploitation, that could be the theme of the continuation , right?

  4. @ Prats,

    MWAH.. Right back at ya! :D

  5. it was actually nice.. me loved the drama.. TOTALLY!

  6. heyy rashi...i liked dis yaar!! really nice !

    sorry didnt know u had posted when i did! :P

  7. hehe now two pieces to be taken care of ;) !!


    "Me: I want nothing from you. I expect nothing. Just I can't LET the child suffer what he didn't do. It just isn't fair.'

    a little correction!
    and I rem tan once said, never worry about the HOW, worry about the WHAT :)

    Loved it.

  8. wow rashi.. nice new dimension to the story i must say...liked it a lot... and the kiss on the forehead.. well... nice indeed!!!... great job!!

  9. aww tht was nice.. so dont worry dearie.. :)


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