March 11, 2009

Happy Holi

... Wish you all a very happy HOLI...
With all the different colours we have here, in the Lounge I'm sure the time we spend here will be colourful and filled with joy and happiness ... Wish you all a wonderful time ahead!!
Write On and Enjoy!!


  1. happy holi

    u look so colourful in the photo :)

    seems like u had a gr8 holi

  2. Aww! Some1 had a gr8 holi, it seems :D

    Happy Holi!

  3. wow bathed in colours, super ;), happy holi tan

  4. looks u had a gr8 holi...
    Hapy holi Tan..

  5. Happy Happy Holi to you all mates ...

    Let the festival of Colours colour your lives ... it will always!!

    Cheers :)

  6. This is what they did to me when I entered office ... a few hands from God-knows-where came in and painted me ... hehehe ... all were ghosts - so, do not recall who they were ... hehehe ...

    Had fun!!

    more in washing it off ... :)

  7. happy holi to you.. :D your new signature looks cool! :D

  8. Seems like u had a good time... gr8..!!

    Belated Holi wishes to u.. :)


  9. Not to play spoiler dada ..... but it should have been Holi "kii" Hardik Shubhkamnaye and not "ke" .... But hey the pic is cool ....Belated Holi Wishes :)

  10. on second thoughts ...It actually sounds right ...Dunno ....CHIRAG me out :P

  11. well belated holi wishes..hope u had good fun :)

  12. Thanks WL for all the wishes ... I'm sure your Holi was equally enjoyable and colourful!!

    Kajal, I am amazed!! I have these three signatures created, when I leart it ... and have only once used this here, in the WL ... you seem to have noticed my posts very closely!! Thanks dear :)

    Anuraag ... thik bolechho!! It should have been Holi 'Ki' ... ab thik karte karte mera sab time barbaad ho jayega!! WL, please read it as Holi Ki Hardik Shubhkamnayein... You could see ... none else :p .. thanks :)

    Cheers mates ... Enjoy!!


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