March 12, 2009

●๋•gυℓѕнαη●๋•™ - An attempt towards Acrostic Poem

Greatly thankful to God for being so kind

Unfurling happiness from the boundaries confined

Lighting my little world with all I can

Shaping my surroundings as it shapes mine

Holding a vision and aspirations high

A little sane and a little insane mind

No one or someone - I am enjoying being ●๋•gυℓѕнαη●๋•™

P.S. My first (useless) attempt at Acrostic poem.. :P just bear with me ppl ..i am even going to try Choka too :D :D ....Prats you are the best teacher..only you can allow so many experiment in your subject...cheers!!!


  1. i lved it !! thanks for telling us abt gulshan :)

  2. Hey that was good Gul ...
    ... good words ... description of yourself ... Gulshan!!!

    Ye padne ke baad Dil Gulshan Gulshan Ho Gaya ... :)

  3. definitely someone!

    and no matter what, Nothing at all is useless when it comes to writing!

    write more :)

    PS. i am working on Choka too.. :)
    thankiw prats!

  4. wow gul...and how on earth can you brand your attempt as useless!! just write...we, the readers pass the verdict....and we loved it! go go gul... hain n not on gtalk!! badtameez...abhi ki abhi aao....

  5. hey all thanks a lot.....
    glad u guys liked it...:)

    and js w8...more cmng 4m ma side ;) id

  6. @Sandeep: sir ji aap hain kahaan? :P


    no one or someone, i am enjoying being gulshan!! :)
    awesomeness girl! :D

  7. heya people .. added you to my gtalk :) ping me any time from 11pm - 1 am !! i m mstly invisible .. (dnt tell it to anyone ok! ) and even i am going to try choka today .. did not get time yet !!

  8. How dare you call this useless?

    Interesting one! i wonder what my acrostic will be!

  9. oh oh..!! awesome it was.. :)


  10. nothing is useless :), nice to know gulshan


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