March 2, 2009


Wait for it to rain.
I do, all day, then it does
On my dreams, slowly steadily.

I can still feel him,
Everywhere, I still try to find
Him frozen in ice.

Bride in white, I was
Not meant to be. He rode away into
the sunset, one rainy day.

I love you, Prats! I'm serious, I had so much fun doing this! Thanks a lot! 


  1. raash... u amaze me every time !!! if u were as real student of my class, u would top it every time !! :D

    the second was too good !!

  2. ps : read the useful hints to improvise ur art of haiku writing :)
    pps : check my haiku posted last night..

  3. Rash, you did it again.. simply too good. just like prats had said ;)

    Third one is good but the second is the best of three, i suppose.. way to go :)

  4. awww that was lovellyyyyy.. :)

    well done.. :)

  5. although I loved the first one, so amazingly chilly, so sadly true and the third one!

    second was fine too, or may be i missed the magic in it ? tell me?

  6. raash, u r a genius..! :)

    a poem of 3 haikus? :O speecheless!


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