March 5, 2009

Haiku : a conjunctivitis

Well ..bored up and insomniac..i thought ill check up my mails..and guess what i found...the haiku fever running outside my blog and my friends...though i din't write any new haiku...after the first wht i got as a comment from my friend....i know it isn't perfect and has 30 syllable..but he manged in 3 lines (which is rellly appreciable of him..given his love for his keyboard keys... :P )

Thought will post it on that everyone can know how addictive haiku is getting ...:)

Dhir said...

anyways arz hai

no one's here at this juncture
just tubelight, fan and a computer
if it stays the same, my unit test marks will be very lame :D

Cheers !!!!


  1. Hmmm... good one Gulshan ... Say my hi to Dhir too ...

    Thanks for sharing ...

    3 lines, it is :)

  2. that was really good one !!!
    and perfect rhyme :D

  3. That was good piece of rhyming lines, perfection or not, rather a good attempt and good one :)

  4. haha... good one....

    Three cheers to Prats for this Haiku thing..!! hehe


  5. thanks tan, pretty, arjun and king..dhir ll love the comment..i told him about the syllable concept..he said he ll try that out 2...:D :D haiku fever on its way :P

  6. wait and watch for the next style .. i will make sure i will give you something with syllable count but maybe more flexible than haiku !!

  7. waiting for it prats...waiting...u sadi flexible ehhh... i'm all for it ;)

  8. waiting for it prats...waiting...u said flexible ehhh... i'm all for it ;)

  9. i know Kings... i bet u will like it a bit better if not too much ;)

    ps: i love being a hard teacher at times !!

  10. aww thts nice.. :)

    considering pretty me is impressed ;) hehe

  11. for dhir it was a great start.. full on exam feeling..

    and Prats, did you say flexible?? :D wow! i am all for it.. :)


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