March 18, 2009

तेरे दोस्त हैं यहीं

In Response to Karmasura's Poem

अपनी ज़हेन में झांक के देख
तेरे दोस्त हैं यहीं

अपने आप में ढून्द्के देख
तेरे दोस्त हैं यहीं

हवायों में देख
फिजाओं में देख
हर वो आइना, जो टूट चूका है
हर वो पल, जो बीत चूका है
उन लम्हों में देख
तेरे दोस्त हैं यहीं

अपने उम्मीदों से पूछ
अपने दिल की गहराईयों से पूछ
हर वो धड़कन, जो धड़क चूका है
हर वो जाम, जो छलक चूका है
उन खाली पय्मानो से पूछ
तेरे दोस्त हैं यहीं

और अगर फिरभी ना मिले कोई
तो ए यार मेरे
मेरे पास आ, तेरा भुला हुआ वो दोस्त
यहाँ है... यहीं पर है

(The above in English Script)

Apni zahen me jhank ke dekh
Tere dost hain yehin

Apni aap me dhoondke dekh
Tere dost hain yehin

Hawayon me dekh
Phizaon me dekh
Har wo aina, jo tut chuka hai
Har wo pal, jo beet chuka hai
Un lamho me dekh
Tere dost hain yehin

Apne ummedon se pooch
Apne dil ki gehraiyon se pooch
Har wo dharkan, jo dharak chuka hai
Har wo jaam, jo chhalak chuka hai
Un khaali paymaano se pooch
Tere dost hain yehin

Aur agar phirbhi na mile koi
To aye yaar mere
Mere paas aa. Tera bhula hua wo dost
Yahan hai... yehin pe hai!


  1. Hmm.. nice reply.. so I guess its a matter of looking in the wrong places after all!! :)

    Thanks for making my day..

  2. How about a round of applause... Standing Ovation!

    These lines from Rihanna's song flooded my mind as soon as I read this poem of yours. Even better, I read it just after Karmasura's poem.

    It's beautiful! Touchy! Emotional.. Everything! I could read it over and over again!

  3. Beautiful!

  4. @ Karmasura

    Dost, hum saath saath hain!

    @ Satans Darling

    I do not have enough words to thank you!! Thanks a lot for liking it and that applause? I could hear it all the way now ... :)

    @ Mohita

    Thanks for the wonderful wonderful words ... I'm happy that you liked it :)

    Keep reading ...

  5. nice try
    still improvement needed
    but time k sath ho jayega

  6. hope you find your friends Karmasura!

    tan nice ending :)

  7. Chirag, I am trying, you can see it ... Hopefully, I will be able to write better in my next ones ... stay tuned!!

    Asbah, we all are friends here ... Karmasura wont feel lonely again!!


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