March 4, 2009

Being a drop in the ocean

I come from college everyday
And see them every time
My heart sheds a tear every second
But I kind of feel helpless

Whenever the auto stops at the signal
They come to me asking for money
All others do is look away from them
I rather always want to pick them all up
And hand them to a nearby NGO

And then I come back Home
And see my maid making her daughter clean the floor
“Does she go to school?” I ask her
“She doesn’t want to” comes her pat reply
“Ha! Even I did not want to when I was young
A will generates a way remember that”

I go to my college canteen
And see the guy in his 10’s work
Clean the table and bring the morning “cutting” for us
“Don’t you study?” I ask
“Don’t have the time sir”… I am happy working though
“But don’t you want to study?”
He gets back to his work….

Returning back home from college
I see the same guy begging
The maid’s daughter working
And tomorrow the same guy would bring us our morning cutting chai ….

Not an advertising post this but make a difference people …Be a drop in this ocean
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  1. OMG! Anurag, Thanks a lot for writing this! Do you really want to help such kids? We can really do something about it ! :D

    The poem was really hard hitting! From the heart.. That circle of just seeing and doing nothing should be stopped!

  2. "Be a drop in this ocean"

    Amazing thought! And lovely poem..I agree with R.V.

  3. OMG u wrote my feelings on words whenever i see such kids....the other day i saw a small girl at a traffic signal and i know how helpless i felt.....though i m not really that capable to do much but i m sure very soon i will do lot for them

    Feel happy to realize there r lot of young people around thinking like me...m sure future generation can make a lot of difference if we all put our hands forward :D

    and lovely poetry :)

  4. Anurag, it was a wonderful poem and a bow-worthy thought *bows*.. thank you so much!!

  5. Thats a superb effort for enlightening the many minds down here and many across the blogosphere.

    Activism true to the poetic sense, hope you dont mind, if i re-post the same over my blog. I have already dealt with such issues but they were brief write ups not in a poetic way though... gr8 work :)

  6. I personally believe, the best possible way to eradicate poverty and divisiveness is to educate the masses, at least the future generation of India. It can work wonders.

  7. I second Kajal...



  8. like raash said,

    hard hitting, heartfelt! :)

  9. that was a wonderful poem.. and it really is the truth.. the way these kids live the life.. n yes the initiative is just great.. would love to help out which ever way possible.. :)


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