February 7, 2009

Will it be...?

I'm not what I was
I'm not what I will be.
I'm not what I am
with you with anyone else.

You're not what you were
You're not what you will be
You're special to me
just as I hope, I'm to you.

Will you change with me?
Will you hold my hand,
every step of the way?
Will you be there?

Will you accept me the way I'm?
Will you change things
you don't like?
Will you be there always?

I expect no fairtale.
I expect no smooth sailing.
I do expect tender loving care
And a happily ever after.

I want to fight with you.
I want to argue with you.
I want to send you to the couch.
I want to love you.


  1. Will it be....!!! It will be...as its a good subject but needs a tweakin here and there...i bet you came hastily on it....little more time could have shaped the flow a better way ..i guess.."You're special to be" - me instead of be. "I want to send to the couch." - that doesnt seem to fit in or i havnt understood what u meant :D :P ....

  2. Ohhh thank you for correcting me... I never re-read just make a couple of people read before posting... Thanks a lot of pointing it out :D

    It was written on the spur of the moment..But the thought counts, right?

  3. the second last para... awesome !! and real meaningful lines :)


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